Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Haven't bought anything since last night (I've only slept, eaten breakfast and gone to work, though, but still)! George R.R. Martin, in a response to my rant yesterday, was interviewed right here and told his fans to stop "pressuring him".

“Sometimes I just wish [the fans] would stop pressuring me about it. It will be done when it’s done. [...] I’m a slow writer, I’ve always been a slow writer, and these are gigantic books.”

In a way, I sympathize. The more I try my hand at writing, the more I understand that it is an undertaking not done lightly. I do wonder at the "fans pressuring him" bit, though. People who send him e-mails? There is nothing on Not-a-Blog, because any questions regarding The Winds of Winter are automatically deleted by Squire Ty so George doesn't have to see it. Is he checking out people's comments on various websites? In that case, he's seeking it out. Are people still sending him e-mails? Well, how about setting up a second email account which you only use professionally to keep in touch? Let the hate mail pour in, you don't have to open any of them. Really, you don't have to.

He also says he's a slow writer, but that didn't stop him from publishing A Game of Thrones, A Clash of KIngs and A Storm of Swords in a timely fashion - neither has this slowness stopped him from getting other stuff done, be it editing anthologies or writing other material. So, in my opinion, the excuse doesn't really hold water and is more a sign of Martin having other problems when it comes to wrapping up this saga we're all so invested in.

The books are gigantic, though, and one should expect them to take a while, but they are not larger than previous volumes - they have gotten more complicated to write, rather. It ties in with my rant yesterday about getting arcs out of the way.

Funny how the New Yorker article is mentioned, though. Never forgotten!

Another desperado is Shy, Joe Abercrombie's character from Red Country, who is also featured in the opening story of Dangerous Women. Yes, I read it last night. And boy, was it short! Such a breeze. And it was not really a story, but rather a glimpse of Shy's life. A great glimpse, though - Abercrombie remains a master of sarcastic, fast-paced, terse, entertaining fantasy (though in this particular case, the fantasy is almost completely lost beneath the veneer of western-style). 
It's basically one action scene, a typical Western really, but the way Abercrombie writes it makes it fresh and entertaining none the less. 
But it's such a brief text, I was kind of disappointed about that.
It just ... petered out, kind of, but western-style. 
His prose is fantastic though, and it will be very hard for any of the remaining stories in this collection to trump the opening.

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