Saturday, December 28, 2013

Diana Gabaldon's "Virgins"

Christmas is taking a toll on my geek habits, so there's been little reading and less gaming, but I had a great time last night when I played with an old band at a local reunion show with other acts from yore. Great to meet old friends and great to see that our songs written in '93-'95 still go over well. I have a headache almost comparable to Ned Stark's.
I have finished Virgins, though, which took me a while not just because it was a little bit longer (or it felt that way) and because the author employs dialect and slang in the characters' dialogue which made it a bit hard for me to read. The plot itself is rather simple, but embellished with a strong sense of time and place, making it, along with Nora's Song and A Queen in Exile  historical fiction. I liked it well enough, and here we have a few male characters who are actually not sex machines, so that's good...but the story didn't really grab me, and I am not sure why. It was a little bit too long, perhaps, and dry kind of. The title of the story didn't really come through thematically, or at least I wasn't aware of it, and I found myself a little confused over certain aspects of the tale, mainly the femme fatale. Next up is Hell Hath No Fury. And inching closer to George R.R. Martin's contribution.
Other contributions from the main man include a happy x-mas message (if I were his PR consultant I'd probably advise him to gift his devoted fans a sample chapter from The Winds of Winter, or an update on the progress), yet another football post and this year's big new category of Not-a-Blog-posts, posts about his cinema. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Game of Thrones on the big screen. I am sure that if HBO struck a good deal, setting up a few more runs of the series in cinemas around the world could prove a big success. Moderately big, anyway.

Not much geekery, then, but a whole lotta metal. And I can certainly live with that. However, it is Christmas and one thing I have "always" found a necessary ingredient for coming into that Christmassy mood, is Tolkien. I don't have the time to re-read his works but maybe I'll throw in a viewing of Fellowship of the Ring. 

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