Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jim Butcher's "Bombshells"

Yup, I managed to finish this one. It really has that Fables vibe. I was surprised and taken out of the story by a sudden influx of Star Wars quotes, and the rest of the short story didn't really keep my attention. It was a creative story, no doubt, and though I'm not sure I understood everything that was going on in this story it was entertaining - but maybe just not my cup of tea. It has made me a little curious about The Dresden Files but probably not enough that I'll actually go out and buy. 

In other news, Telltale Games have officially announced that they are working on a Game of Thrones game for the PC. People seem to be excited about this because Telltale apparently make good games as opposed to the producers of the two previous attempts (both miserable games, really)*, but I think I'll await this one with a decent amount of suspicion. I think a great Westeros-based PC game would put you in charge of a House, dealing with strategic decisions on a campaign map, political stuff and war and all that, and then you'd have this other part of the game in which you managed your own household (a bit of RPG, then) - you know, mix up Medieval: Total War, Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance, and a variety of cool board games and maybe even elements from Green Ronin's A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

* Yes, I'm aware of a third game - the Facebook one - but does it really count as a game?

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