Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Megan Abbott's "My Heart is Either Broken"

So there I was earlier today saying Abercrombie was going to be hard to trump, and the very next novella in Dangerous Women is actually rather good in a wholly different way. It is the kind of story I'd probably skip if it weren't for the fact that I decided to read everything in here; the first few pages are a bit confusing as you have to puzzle together the who's and what's and why's, and it takes place in a contemporary setting - and yet, as I read on and began to understand where the story was going, I realized that the characters in this story were very well realized, and I was actually getting more and more curious to see where the author was going with it. The prose is excellent to the point that it just can't be compared to Abercrombie's Some Desperado at all, really. Surprising, and I already begin to feel that maybe buying Dangerous Women wasn't such a bad idea after all.
The perhaps pretentious-sounding title of the piece is lovely in my opinion and though it doesn't really give away the story, it...I don't know, it kind of suggests something different from what you get.
I also realize I have actually never heard (let alone read) about the author, Megan Abbot, but this could be due to the fact that she is writing in a literary genre I am not familiar with (said Captain Obvious). I'm suitably impressed and curious about her other work, so in that sense this anthology is already performing one of its primary functions, I suppose.

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  1. I loved this story. As a young father of two little girls I should not have read this right before bed, but I couldn't put it down.

    I have been hooked on these anthologies lately. They have led me to a lot of new authors.