Thursday, December 12, 2013

Megan Lindholm's "Neighbors"

Just a quick post, time is really not on my side today. So, I came to Neighbors, the eighth short story in the Dangerous Women anthology. I didn't realize until I read its introduction that Megan Lindholm equals Robin Hobb, who I obviously know (though I admit I haven't read much of her - I've tried, but gave up because they were so slow). Slow was the immediate word that came to mind when I began reading this text. The main character is an old, slow woman, living in a dilapidated house, so there's that. However, I pushed on and suddenly this text, when a mysterious event is introduced, really soars and I was practically floored by the quality of the prose; Lindholm/Hobb really nails the main character, Sarah. She feels so incredibly real with all her woes of age, and likewise her son's concerns feel very realistic, as does their dialogue. There are some vivid descriptions, and the central mystery remains a mystery you just need to figure out, reading on to try and puzzle it together - is it all just going on in Sarah's adled mind, or is there truly something supernatural going on in her street? The ending left me a bit unsatisfied though, but everything up to this point is just excellently written and I think Neighbors, despite its dull title, is the finest story in the anthology so far. I also like that the story relates to the anthology's title in a very different way than the other stories. In this case, the woman is dangerous mostly to herself.

I actually think I'll find time to finish that Sam chapter later today, if I can stay on target with all my other to-do's. Keep an eye out for it.

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