Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's madness, I tell you. Of course I had to buy Dangerous Women. But this time, I bought the e-book. Cheaper and saves space. I am really looking forward to reading Joe Abercrombie's piece. I will obviously read Martin's article as well, out of morbid curiosity really, and will throw my thoughts up here once I have finished it and reflected on it. I'm going in with a negative attitude - not a big fan of Targaryens, not really happy that we got this piece instead of a Dunk & Egg novella, not really feeling it, you know? So maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I do try to be positive about it, but it's so hard to stay enthusiastic with all the disappointments provided over the last decade. 
Some people, myself included, just want to see A Song of Ice & Fire finished, and such interludes as the novellas and this Dangerous Women piece don't serve as appetizers but rather reminders that we're far behind schedule when it comes to the Others and the war for the Dawn et al. Some people are probably not as invested in the saga, which leads to them shrugging and saying "there are other books you can read", and I'm thinking they are just not that devoted to the story as others. At least, it could be one factor in explaining why some of us are mighty wroth and some don't really care that much. 
Imagine if George Lucas, after The Empire Strikes Back, stopped talking about Star Wars, stopped updating the press on the progress of the next part of the story, began releasing "small" films instead...there would be an outrage like never before in the history of entertainment. First, the story is immensely popular, and second, Empire has quite a few loose ends that leave fans wanting to know what will happen next. Which is precisely where we were after A Storm of Swords, after A Feast for Crows, and now after A Dance with Dragons. There is just so much stuff that needs resolution, and it doesn't look like we can expect to get all the resolutions, and hence people who are really obsessed over Martin's creation become impatient, angry even, when nothing much happens.
And I'm not saying Martin isn't working on Winds. Something might be happening (not when he's in New Zealand, obviously, but now he's back home). He could be writing. But he doesn't tell us. And that adds to the problem, in my opinion. Ignoring us "trolls" is a fine tactic, of course, but it doesn't make people more inclined to look positive on the author's current way of handling PR. 
Anyway, I hadn't really planned to go off on yet another rant, but here I am, with Dangerous Women freshly downloaded from amazon.

And knowing myself, I'll probably put down the ten or so other books I'm reading to start yet another tome of lore. I'm promising myself, here and now, that I won't buy another book from now on until I have finished all the books in my to-read pile. Because the pile is just piling up. 
Also, I was lured into a trap on Steam yesterday, with an enticing sale - the gold edition of Civilization V for little money. I bought it primarily to test out the Faerûn mod (Forgotten Realms) which I read about here and made me curious, but that mod refuses to work so here I sit with, as we in Norway are wont to say, with my beard in the mailbox. 
Will I ever play Civilization V or will it become yet another title to mock my impulses? At least it was cheap. It's December, though. Maybe I will find time to check out this game during the holidays. 
I'm making myself another promise right now; I'm not going to buy any videogame either for the foreseeable future. Well, at least until Legend of Grimrock 2. And of course if Winds should suddenly materialize that one is excluded from my "not-buying" oath. 
So that's two oaths. While I'm at it I also swear not to spend money on anything really because I really need to get my cheeks together and start saving up for a new computer for really reals. 

Ah, feels good to become a miser. Finally. 

As for Sam and his adventures beyond the Wall, winter is coming.

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