Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Into the future

I suppose I sounded a tad negative in my roundup of 2013, but fortunately there was a lot of good stuff going on, it was just not related to this blog's übergeekery. The highlight being becoming a father for the second time.
But boy does 2014 look good!

In fantasy literature one can always hope that we'll see The Winds of Winter, but I suspect 2016 is a more likely prospect (still, we'll maybe get a good PC game based on the franchise from Telltale Games, and we'll be able to enjoy Game of Thrones' fourth season) - more realistically we can hopefully enjoy a new Steven Erikson novel (and that's a big deal!) - Fall of Light, the sequel to Forge of Darkness. In the same world of Malaz, we might just be lucky enough to read Ian C. Esslemont's Assail, which I know a lot of Malazan fans are really anxious and excited about. We might see a third novel about Kvothe from Patrick Rothfuss (though I have my doubts), and we might get new material from the likes of Bakker (I admit I haven't read anything beyond his first trilogy, but that was some good reading right there), Abercrombie (young adult his next project might be defined as, he's so good it will probably entertain adults just as well), and much and more. 

Likewise, in fantasy computer gaming, things are looking far rosier than what we were served in 2013. Personally, I am most excited about Legend of Grimrock 2, as I shall always remain a sucker for dungeon crawls, and Everquest Next and specifically its Landmark part, promising a blend of fantasy gaming and Minecraft-esque gameplay. In addition, there are titles vying for attention such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Project Eternity and more. Wringing my hands in anticipation, even as I know I won't have time for them.

As for RPGs, I have no idea. I am fine with the games I already own, although I have an eye on the release of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and specifically its Forgotten Realms products, though I am not hyped or excited or anything. I do hope to play actual RPGs more this year than last year, though. It's such a fun pastime.

And in movies, there will obviously be The Hobbit: Whatever, and, uh. Not so good a year for fantasy movies, maybe. Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps? Ah, it matters not! It is 2014, so I can happily say that next year, we'll see Star Wars Episode VII. That's what they're promising at any rate. I suspect this year will begin the real barrage of rumors, spy reports and craziness surrounding the next installment in that favoritest of sagas, and I think I'll enjoy the buildup as much (and probably more) than the finished product.

Coming up sooner than I can imagine right now: A new A Storm of Swords post! 

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  1. "I do hope to play actual RPGs more this year than last year, though."

    *cough* Empyre's Edge *cough* Planning *cough* Cabin in the woods *cough*