Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've been meaning to get into the next chapter of my A Storm of Swords re-read, but I've been distracted by the Season Three blu-ray. Many nifty extras on it. I particularly like the vignettes where actors - in character - speak about past events such as Robert's Rebellion or explain more about themselves, like Thoros of Myr's backstory, very nicely done material.
There's been a lot of work to do, as well, so reading hasn't been high on my priority list (though I did manage to get in a chapter of King of Thorns last night). And tomorrow I'm off for a three-day long music ('noise' to many) festival, so the geek half must lay dormant as my metalhead half goes bananas. Next week though I want to get chopping on A Storm of Swords and get my speed up.

Daenerys arrived today. She was much taller than I expected (I expected a figure the size of a Star Wars action figure), and the image shown on Amazon's page looks a lot more like Emilia Clarke's Daenerys than the figure I got in the mail does (for some nefarious reason), but still...she'll be a nice muse on the shelf, next to Boba Fett about to get swallowed by the Sarlacc, Gandalf the Grey, and a knight of the templars. Four muses, for the many chapters of A Storm of Swords still to re-read.

In other news, my second book Waiting for Winter is selling, and I hope that people notice the effort that went into it (compared to Waiting for Dragons). I didn't get rid entirely of the 'bloggish' feel, but it should be much more consistent. If you haven't picked it up yet, you could try a sample (though I have no idea what that sample actually includes - maybe I should try it myself).

...and now I'm going to watch a little bit more bluray extras before going to bed. Have a nice weekend. May the Winds of Winter soon be upon us.

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