Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random post is random

Behold! The wrath of the Norsemen \m/
Busy preparing for the launch of Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A Clash of Kings: Part I - and all the demands of work and home. Will be back with another A Storm of Swords-post soon. Gotten the groove back with King of Thorns, if only a few pages a day. It's kind of nice when the days are brimming with stuff that needs to be done, because there's no time to be bored but I wouldn't mind a break. Which I'll be getting soon, as I'm so lucky to have the right to take twelve weeks (!) off to be with my second born who is approaching his first year. I like welfare. I wish more people could live in a welfare society. Of course, from what I've learned, we'd need another three planets or so for that. So I wish we had more planets. Maybe if we somehow had escaped the Dark Ages, we'd already be there. But if we hadn't had the Dark Ages, Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire wouldn't be quite as appealing. I can imagine King's Landing as a lawyer's office but I wouldn't like that. So thanks Dark Ages for inspiring Martin for us. 

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