Monday, February 10, 2014

Waiting for Winter on Thursday

From The Tower of the Hand:

New eBook and Exclusive Hymn for Spring Essay

What to do while waiting for George R.R. Martin's The Winds of Winter to ship?

Easy - re-read all the older books.

That's what blogger, author, and teacher Remy J. Verhoeve has done, going through his tenth read-through of A Clash of Kings and documenting every observation and every insight - and every quip regarding King Kong - he has along the way. Remy parses through the giant, 900-page text essentially paragraph by paragraph, indexing every instance of foreshadowing, deconstructing every character beat, and cataloging every question that has yet, even 16 years later, to be answered.

And perhaps of even more value to breathless fantasy and sci-fi fans waiting for that next jolt of narrative ecstasy is Remy's near-constant stream of comparisons to and recommendations of other genre work. Having read - and re-read - a whole plethora of novels and novellas, standalones and epic series, Remy is a veritable treasure trove of nerdy cross-references and back-catalogues, ensuring that your nightstand will have a book on it for months to come.

But this isn't just the most thorough deconstruction of Clash of Kings you'll ever read - it's also a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time when HBO's Game of Thrones was just beginning and A Dance with Dragons, the most recent release in the series, was about to come out. Even going to the extent of re-watching the same episode three times in a row, Remy will help you relive the majesty and wonder that was Thrones's first season - and the trepidation over whether the second season could pull it off again.

At this rate, Winter truly can last for several (more) years.

Come along with Remy as he:
Reconsiders the characters of Cersei and Stannis in light of their character development in the most recent books (even comparing Stannis to Satan in a literary sense)
Explores George Martin's "writing tricks" that make his books must-reads, including one of the golden rules of dialogue
Forces you to completely rethink the psychology and personality of Tyrion Lannister
Explains what the best music to listen to is while reading
Initially rejects A Dance with Dragons and then slowly comes around to embracing it within the overarching narrative
Defends Martin's brutality - and reconsiders its scope and effect
Investigates the psychological reason why people read - and obsess over - fantasy literature, film, and videogames
Makes some of the most out-there theories you can possibly think of, such as the Arya Black Swan Theory - which will have you picking up the book instantly to re-read those chapters

And, best of all, the next full-length sample of the anticipated anthology book Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring is included. Entitled "The Patriarchs of Westeros: Examining the toll the great lords exact from their families, their smallfolk, and from progress," and written by TOTH's very own Stefan Sasse, the essay can only be found in this release.

Waiting for Winter: Re-Reading A Clash of Kings, Part I releases on Thursday, February 13, for $3.99, exclusively at Amazon.

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