Friday, March 21, 2014

All Hope is in Vain?

Just how weird is this: I go to Winter is Coming to see if there's any new cool clips from the upcoming fourth season, and I see the countdown timer on 16 days: 16 hours: 16 minutes: 16 seconds! Well I suppose it's not weird but the chances are slim to get such a perfectly aligned row of sixteens if I know my probabilities. Turns out there are new clips, though, or new shots to be more specific, embedded in small teasers. I always s(p)oil myself when something is being hyped. Can't resist the hype. 

So now we have four trailers, two scenes, and shots here and there, and we have a good look at the new season. It looks to continue the trend of hitting the major plot beats of the story, trimming excess fat, and adding in new angles that will surprise book readers (and both frustrate and delight - the scene we saw of Daenerys, Grey Worm and Daario Naharis I dare say wasn't the best scene I ever saw, while the scene between Jaime and Cersei feels spot-on) - in short, another good season of Game of Thrones, which promises more action and excitement than previous seasons, and that might just be a good thing for the continuation of the show.

In other news, a sample chapter from The Winds of Winter has been released onto the application The
World of Ice and Fire (which for some reason is called A Game of Thrones Guide for Android systems), but trying to download it only results in a "This program is not available in your country" so boo-de-hoo. The chapter, featuring the one and only Tyrion Lannister, is one that Martin has read before and as such I wager it is one of the chapters already written for A Dance with Dragons

Reading various threads related to this news, I can't help but see all the frustrated people wondering how far Martin is along with The Winds of Winter, and I'm seeing the same hopeful messages I saw in the first half of the previous decade when we were waiting for A Feast for Crows, and again when we were waiting for A Dance with Dragons. Wishful thinking of how Martin maybe is going to spring a surprise on us and that Winds is ready for publication. Exact same thing happened with the two previous novels. Some people even dare dream that he's finished A Dream of Spring too. Oh, sweet summer children, you know nothing of long waits and building up hope. Yes, Martin has said he has an announcement, as he has said many times before, and these announcements have usually been about quite other things that Mr. Martin believes we are interested in. If Martin announces he has finished The Winds of Winter and it is ready for a 2014/early 2015 release, I'll eat all my washed-out heavy metal shirts. No; in the Long Wait, you must prepare yourself for all the other things Martin does and wishes to announce: an editing collaboration, a new Wild Cards, interesting football game write-ups, news of Ice & Fire merchandise, and few if any words about the book he now has dubbed Son of Kong...
...that is, if he continues the trend of the last fourteen years or so. Could things change - abruptly? I would like to be pleasantly surprised, but I am not betting on it. 
...and the more people who fall in love with this series, either through books, TV series, or both...the more people will at least experience one Long Wait, and maybe begin to understand how it feels to have been waiting since A Storm of Swords to see this magnificent tale to its conclusion.

Years of waiting make you pessimistic I suppose. Still, after the travails of waiting for A Dance with Dragons I really believed I was done waiting for Martin, but here I am, checking news on Ice & Fire all over again in the vain hope...

I also wonder when George is going to give us a new Not a Blog post. He has been quiet since the interview debacle (where one sees that he's not entirely on the same page as HBO with regards to number of seasons). Will he ignore it and post something about his cinema? Most likely. At least there's not been many sales posts the last year. If you look at the History of Not A Blog 2005 -2009, you'll see what kept fans frustrated during the wait for A Dance with Dragons. An entertaining read and trip down memory lane.

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