Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alyn Cockshaw is Coming

Another evening in the Castillo. Darkness has crept down from the mountain, and while the days are clear and fairly warm, the nights still belong to winter. During the day, the massive amounts of snow still clinging to the landscape melt, and then it freezes again during the night. It makes for some treacherous footing in the morning. But more importantly, that Tyrion II sample chapter only made me crave more and now I am right back into compulsive order mode, checking for news on The Winds of Winter and the series in general (which is how I found that theory about Euron Crow's Eye earlier today). 

There are many ways to get a fix, fortunately. I binge-watched Game of Thrones season one last week, and yesterday I fired up season two. I had completely forgotten the last scenes of the first episode ("The North Remembers"). It's without a doubt, in my opinion, the most morally reprehensible scenes in the series. Like I said when Arya had to see Robb's body riding around with Grey Wind's head attached, the writers are certainly upping the ante when it comes to the violence. They are even more sadistic than the old man himself, at times. Lest you forget, Janos Slynt wasn't exactly a stand up guy in the books but in the show they have him ruthlessly murder an infant. With a knife. While the mother watches. Riiiiight. That's so brutal I winced when it returned on my TV and it made me sick all over again. Not going to watch it again, it really disgusts me. I feel they could have been just a tad more insinuating about the whole thing. Also, not cool. So not cool I wish I never picked "Slynt" as my online moniker. Not that my second choice would have been better. I use it only in a few places. "Roose Bolton". I definitely don't want to be associated with a child murderer, though, so I suppose I have to visit a gazillion websites and change my nick. Still want an Ice & Fire - related nick, though. And I do always become more fascinated by the bad guys in stories for some reason (well, not Ramsay, because he's too scary). Of course I realize it doesn't matter if I call myself Slynt or whatever, but before the TV show he was a minor character most normal people don't know, but now he's all over TV screens around the world knifing babies and I hate that. 

So I guess "Slynt" is out, and some other minor character with less baggage is in. Alyn Cockshaw, perhaps. Fairly unknown, at a guess. 

The rest of the episode, and "The Night Lands" (episode two) and "What is Dead May Never Die" (episode three) are pretty good on a re-watch, though. I remember how much I disliked this season the first time around, now I enjoy it a lot. I find myself liking the portrayal of Asha Greyjoy a lot, even though she's quite different from the books (even her name has changed), and Yoren of the Night's Watch too. Hot Pie's good too. Beautiful scenery, it's nice to take the time to enjoy the details that rush by during the first frenzied viewing. It is really impressive, considering it's a TV show. I'm so ready for season four now. Wonder if they can drag Slynt's good name even further into the mud. 

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