Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Speculation] A fun theory

[Spoilers and speculation for all books and future books]

I was browsing the Internet last night when I came across someone speculating about Euron Crow's Eye's role in the rest of the story of A Song of Ice and Fire. It was a post deep within a long thread and it seemed to be ignored by most people (maybe because it was kind of off-topic, it was about the Citadel of Oldtown and the maesters rather than Euron Crow's Eye) but I found it strange that people did not jump all over it, because it made so much sense.

So I'm not taking any credit for this idea, but it was so good I'm putting it up here so I can hopefully remember it for when my re-read finally takes me to the Iron Islands and the depraved family of Theon Greyjoy.

So the idea is basically that Martin is setting up Euron Crow's Eye as a character who will hatch dragons of his own. Yes! It sounds all kinds of out there, but the text does support it. It all seems to match up, and is now one of my favorite theories for the future of the story (not that I'm a big fan of Euron or anything, I just felt like it 'clicked'; it seems that Mr. Martin is indeed setting this up) - and what clinched it for me, was that in a recent interview, Martin said that it is known that dragons can kill dragons. Yes, most people assume he is referring to his novella, The Princess and the Queen....but is he?

The fellow/fellowine who posted it goes by the name tjm335, so all honors to you. Here's what was posted:

I had a theory, which may or may not be crazy, but here it goes:
We know:
-Maesters have an obsession with eradicating dragons.
-Dragons are powerful and dangerous.
-Dragons hard hard to tame.
-Dragon Eggs are rare, valuable, and can be hatched (which specific methods work we do not yet know)
-Euron Greyjoy is obsessed with dragons
-Euron Greyjoy left his post on the Shield Islands to head to Oldtown.

We suspect:
-According to the popular opinion the faceless man Jaqen H'ghar was the Alchemist in Old Town in the prologue of book three, and thusly assumed Pate's identitiy in Sam's last chapter. Jaqen (if it is indeed him) therefore is in posession of a secret key.
-Balon Greyjoy died quite suddenly, and some suggest Euron hired a FM to take him out to pave his way to kinghood.

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, heres my theory:
The Citadel has a stash of something wich they need to keep under lock and key. It is so secretive that only the Archmaesters have a key to open it. I think that their great secret is a hidden cache of dragon eggs. They have probably hunted down all the dragon eggs they could get their hands on, so they could not be hatched. Euron, through his great travels has heard tales of this, and concocts a plan to raise a fleet of dragons. To do this he contacts the greatest assassins in the land: the Faceless Men. Therefore, Jaqen will pilfer the key (as he has), stay undercover until Euron arrives, and then give him the key. The result? Euron Greyjoy owns a bunch of eggs which he may be able to actually hatch.

Sorry the post is so long, and is sort of off topic, but I think it sort of applies here. Please discuss.


  1. The only problem I have with this theory is if the citadel is scared of the dragons and their influence on magic, why not just destroy the eggs and be done with them?

  2. Nooo! I didn't think of that. I thought it all fit so neatly, but of course you are right, unless there is a good reason for not destroying them. Also, it doesn't necessarily mean there must be eggs (though that is quite important in this theory) - it could be something else - but I do feel there must be *something*. It must be something the Faceless Men are interested in too, as stealing keys isn't exactly the business they usually do. It's quite mysterious. But yes, now that you mention it, some of the initial infatuation I had with the theory fades :-) Thanks for reading!

  3. Could the Citadel instead be concealing some kind of Tome that deals with the breeding and care of Dragons that they don't want anyone to have? Or the spell/procedure needed to hatch them? Or a map showing the location of something important like the Sword of Azor Ahai, Lightbringer? The Dragons in Dragonstone?

  4. Hey Slynt, I really enjoy your re-read. My question on this theory is don't you think it is a little late in the game to hatch dragon eggs. We have seen first hand how long it takes for them to become grown enough to have an effect. With only two books left and the Others close, I can't see a way new dragons could be a factor unless an already grown dragon is put into play. (I don't think it will happen) Keep up the good work, I'm excited for you to get to the next books that you weren't as high on the first time through. I think this blog will help you appreciate them more.

  5. I was all over this theory in the beginning, but now I've cooled off :) These books are so dense you can make almost any connection and find some kind of support for it. I still find it curious, it seems to match up nicely (as for those eggs, seems to me Daenerys' eggs hatched quite quickly after she received them; assuming she did something to make them hatch; alternatively, that horn Euron has could summon dragons from, say, Asshai - I am 99% certain there's a line in one of the books mentioning dragons living there, though it doesn't quite gel with the "dragons are dead" theory most people in the books have). Thanks for reading and I hope you are right about appreciating books four and five more :)

  6. Why would the Faceless Men work to bring Dragons about the world. Braavos is an entire city setup as a refugee camp from people enslaved by Old Valyaria and the previous Dragon Lords. I don't see any logic in why the Faceless men would accept a contact from a known slaver, to put him in control of the world.