Saturday, March 22, 2014

[The Winds of Winter] Tyrion II

[Spoilers for - you guessed it - The Winds of Winter]
So, the application they name The World of Ice and Fire on i-something and A Game of Thrones Guide on Google Play (Android) which probably is managed by the wizards of, and, as far as I know, a-okayed by George Raymond Richard, was updated yesterday or thereabouts with the second Tyrion chapter from that elusive but hopefully up and coming sixth novel in the saga, The Winds of Winter
Unfortunately for most of the world, this app is not available outside the US (again, as far as I know), but there are of course ways to get to read it until the powers that be make it available for everybody. Because the world doesn't end at either coast, folks! Heh, as Lord Walder Frey would've said (have you ever seen one of those The Simpsons episodes where Mr. Burns thinks back on his childhood and you see how weird he looked already then? For some reason that's how I picture lil' Walder in what was it, The Mystery Knight).
Anyway, if you'd love to read a new Ice and Fire chapter and you haven't found your way to it yet well here it is. Thank you, whoever you are. And thank you old gods and new, for this chapter was rather good, actually! It was short, to the point, the good ol' Tyrion came to the fore, some fun dialogue, some symbolism to ponder, action and your typical Martinesque nastiness (that would be, among other things, the corpses of plague victims being used as ammunition for trebuchets - though it sickens me to say this is a morbid concept Martin lifted straight out of real world history; much nastiness has occurred on this island Earth, just check out, as an example, the siege of Arioch during the Crusades), all wrapped in straight forward classic Martin-prose so much it almost feels like a chapter from one of the third books, if it were not for the noble and puissant Gorzhak zo Erazes and the Yezzan zo Qaggazes showing up (their names don't really roll off the tongue like the names we've become acquainted with back on Westeros...or is it in Westeros? Dammit); Exposition takes the backseat here and hopefully we'll see that the overdose of exposition in A Dance with Dragons come to fruition in this sixth novel. It is at any rate a rather promising chapter, and it renews my faded hope in the saga. Still not friends with Essos, nor Penny, but I'm excited. 
The chapter is tight, it feels like no words are wasted; there's an interesting little detail toward the end where Tyrion picks up a certain cyvasse piece that feels like some sort of foreshadowing; if I had to pick a nit I'd like a few more lines from Brown Ben Plumm at the end there, but perhaps it is more humorous the way it is. Turn your cloak, indeed. 
Promising me, Ned.

And so, as I read the last sentence of another sample chapter, the candlelight flickers and fades, and we're back in the middle of a Long Night Wait again. The chapter will bring life to discussions among fans again, particularly the meaning of the falling cyvasse piece, I suppose, and just why is this Kasporio so cunning?
The chapter also tells me I really need to read A Dance with Dragons again from start to finish because, uh, Girl General who? How did Tyrion get rid of the slave master? Who's Bloodbeard? Inkpots, who's he again? For all I know this stuff belongs to Tyrion I in the same book but I have a feeling I've already forgotten so much from book five.  

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