Monday, March 10, 2014

This morning I saw a titan

No, really. There I was, snoring gently, when my second-born, almost a year old already, woke me up with his rummaging about. It was still dark. I turned to find my phone on the nightstand, picked it up to see what unholy hour it was. Six in the morning. Could be worse. And then I noticed a new mail notification from YouTube: a new Game of Thrones clip. Too groggy to realize it was a brand new trailer I tapped the screen to watch. I was awake anyway. Wow! That was a great trailer. I don't want to see more now, though. It's fine. Looks like an action-packed season but then they can hardly promote the show with a lot of talky scenes. Anyway I guess I am not the only one whose eyes widened at the sight of the Titan of Braavos. Either they are moving the story too fast even for someone with my impatience, or they are introducing Braavos early in the Stannis storyline. I guess the show runners know what they are doing. I suspect they know a lot more about Martin's progress on 'The Winds of Winter' than we do. I am curious about the show's continuation into books four and five, and how much more it will deviate from the books (to the point that it, ironically, becomes fan fiction more than adaptation). I have over the last months grown to appreciate those two books a little more (thanks Stefan), and I'd argue that while the three first books are more about external action the two latest are more about characters' inner struggles. Dany, Tyrion and Jon are at the point in their stories where they must decide who they are, and from there we can hope that Martin begins to wrap up his tale with its myriad plotlines in a satisfying manner.

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