Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vassals of Kingsgrave: Podcast Interview

Vassals of Kingsgrave. That is such an awesome description / title. I don't know why they call themselves this, but it sure sounds awesome (and much better than the tired "Lords" or "Kings" which they could have gone with - it is about time vassals get some recognition, anyway). I want to read a book called Vassals of Kingsgrave. And it features a lot of undead roaming through swamps in search for living flesh. And sword-wielding, butt-kicking-for-goodness heroes with flaws. No winter though.

Speaking of anyway, ANYWAY. I was interviewed by a nice fellow who calls himself Valkyrist (another cool name! But I happen to know that it is not his real name in case you wonder) for something called a "podcast". I feel utterly old when I had no idea what a podcast was, when I was asked to do this. Well I had heard the word obviously but... You know, there comes a time when a man can't keep up with everything anymore, and he has to prioritize what new digital inventions to sink his teeth into. So, a podcast virgin I was, and now it's out (actually it's been out for five days but I only noticed today).

The interview is related to my second book about Ice & Fire, Waiting for Winter, but we ended up talking a lot about this and that of ice and fire. Kind of interesting to try and speak and think fast enough in another language and still try to sound coherent, but at least I am no longer a podcast virgin.

I almost don't want to put up the link, I'm not very fond of my own voice.
Alas, here it is. The third person you can occasionally hear during the interview is my infant Second Son. My first son I've always referred to as Mini-Slynt, but number two still hasn't got an Ice & Fire designation. He could be Mormont's Raven perhaps, the way he quorks ^^ Either that, or just Second Son.

Enjoy (or not).

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