Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who will sit the Iron Throne in the end?

I was looking through some discussions where people were suggesting who should end up in the Iron Throne, who would be the least suitable for it, and so on.
Seems a lot of people would prefer either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen on the throne.
Sorry, it's not going to happen. I will spoil it for you right now, so look away if you don't want to know (I'm speculating, of course, but I am actually convinced I am right, arrogant as that may sound).


Danish actor Nikolaj CW is on the same track as well - in that Vanity Fair video he said no one should sit the Iron Throne and that is exactly how it will end. The story will certainly change Westeros; it is time to move on, to leave behind the archaic feudalism that causes so much injustice. I argue that the Iron Throne is a symbol not only for power, but also stagnation. And, perhaps obviousy since it is made out of swords, it symbolizes death and violence. By doing away with the Iron Throne, Westeros can face a brighter future.
So, in the end, I suppose one character will have to come to this conclusion - that it would be better if it was destroyed. With this in mind, which character (s) has faced the most injustice, experienced and witnessed how power corrupts, and could figure out a better way of steering Westeros? Tyrion is an obvious candidate, he's been involved in two trials and has been the Hand of the King and has always struggled against those with power; Sansa is another, learning it all from the inside so to speak; I'm leaning more toward Sansa actually, but she's young and there's still much to learn for her; but at least she has many reasons for wanting a different political system; after all, she's lost so much.
Since the story is so far from finished it is of course impossible to know who ends up bringing the much needed change to the Seven Kingdoms. For all I know, Jaime Lannister ends up in the position which would be nicely ironic since he tried the uncomfortable seat before. Maybe the Iron Throne (and all of King's Landing) will burn and melt in dragonfire and there will be no Throne to fight about at all, which symbolically would mean the "extinction of power". Power is kind of the McGuffin of the saga when you think about it, the Westerosi version of the One Ring in a narrative sense. I feel that as long as it exists, it will endanger lives, just like Tolkien's ring. So it needs to go, somehow. It would also bring home the point of the futility of war and bloodshed. Everyone fought for it, bled for it, died for it and then bam! comes the Long Night and all the power the throne symbolizes becomes trivial. Or, of course, the Long Night forces the Seven Kingdoms to unite under one banner and whoever leads this union takes the throne...but the  there would be no closure. As long as the Iron Throne remains, there can be no closure.

I admit I can't present any specific clues in the text that foreshadows its destruction; it is more an argument from narration.

If I *could* choose who got to sit the Iron Throne in the epilogue of "A Dream of Spring", though, I'd probably go for Dolorous Edd.

But really, none of the contenders really deserve it.


  1. What about a council of representatives, like the one Rhaegar was thinking of?

  2. That's a great suggestion, and if Rhaegar himself had a similar idea...well then it could be seen as a hint. Do you have any page number/book where he mentions this? Thanks for the input!