Sunday, April 20, 2014

Before the Breaker of Chains

Oooh it's that time of the week again - Mondays, here in Europe, is when we get a new episode of Game of Thrones. The third episode already, it is quite clear that ten episodes a year is a little on the skimpy side. I wish there were, say, twenty, and that this would give the writers the time to more fully incorporate the missing elements from the novels. Of course, that would lead to slower episodes which the general audience might not be as interested in, and they would have been forced to find a way to show the complicated back story (instead of having characters just talk about it) so I suppose that ten episodes giving us the highlights and keeping it relatively fast-paced is preferable for the vast majority of the audience.
Usually I lurk online after a new episode has aired in the USA to read the reactions from fans at Winter is Coming, which leads to me having a rather good idea of what to expect from the episode, usually knowing the exact scenes and the order in which they come. Watching last week's 4.2: The Lion and the Rose I felt like I had already seen it before. Not this week! I saw the preview clip last Monday so I've forgotten most of it, and so I am looking forward to today's episode without knowing too much of what is going to happen (though, obviously, I am pretty sure we'll see Tyrion in a bad place; and Cersei in a different kind of bad place).
Last night I was going to continue my read of King of Thorns, but due to me digging up that link to The Fifth Sorceress (see this post) I ended up reading reviews of said masterpiece until I fell asleep. Not a good way to spend your precious geektime! Well, it was entertaining to a degree, but...bah. Internet makes it so incredibly easy to waste time. And people thought TVs were bad. Who's got time for TV these days anyway? [Unless it's Game of Thrones, of course].
And then it was too late to read King of Thorns, because it's a physical book which needs light and people were sleeping all around me, so I decided to start another waiting novel on my Kindle instead. One I've had for eons as well. C.J. Sansom's Sovereign. Well, not eons, but I did order it January the 28th, 2011. So it is about time I actually read it. Another book bought because of Martin with his making-me-like-medieval-stuff-stuff. And so it goes! King of Thorns moved down the queue, Sovereign up. Quite entertaining so far as well.

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