Monday, April 21, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.3: Breaker of Chains

Breaker of Chains indeed.
I enjoyed the episode, but this one really didn't feel much like the source material it is based on. So many scenes that aren't in the book! Even for a fan of the books there were a lot of surprises to be had. I've grown to like the non-book additions but this episode...well, I finished watching it only a minute or two ago, but I found it to stray perhaps a tad too far from the books in many sequences, but I am sure the writers know what they are doing. A good example is the Sam/Gilly-plot in this episode. There must be a reason why they decided to move Gilly to Mole's Town (can't think of a good reason right now). Of course, there were bits and pieces from the source material here; Sansa's escape was good. I feel they are taking the Hound/Arya plot line a little too far into black comedy territory, though that girl (Sally?) was so cute. Glad she survived her meeting with Sandor Clegane. Most scenes are good on their own, I suppose, but it still feels "off" for a nerd like myself. Styr is just so over the top. Didn't like. Show-Littlefinger remains Littlefinger only in appearance. Tyrion and Pod's scene was my favorite. Tywin and Oberyn...I don't know. It was pretty cool I suppose. Tense. Cersei and Jaime's scene...I don't know. Something didn't work in that scene and I'm not talking about Joffrey. All in all, this is an episode that I must watch again to wrap my head around it. I am, as this post surely shows, rather confused at this point - what to think about it all. I am both disappointed, and entertained.
The last scene featuring gorgeous Daenerys fell a little flat too, mainly because I can't find myself warming up to the new Daario. The Queen of Thorns was good in this one, though. And Tommen, First of His Name? I don't know...
A weird episode. Definitely the weakest so far this season (and, knowing I'm repeating myself here, it is coincidentally also the episode the most loosely based on the book).

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  1. "Cersei and Jaime's scene...I don't know. Something didn't work in that scene and I'm not talking about Joffrey."

    Maybe that Jaime was raping Cersei?

  2. Agree on the Sam/Gilly scenes. Totally boring and odd use of precious minutes show, but hopefully there will be a point to it. AFFC and ADWD are such sprawling messes, it looks like D and D are in the middle of focusing the plot points and arranging the pieces so it all flows together. I tend to think it will all work out, and grateful that the journey is different enough for book readers to stay tuned in while we head to a similar destination. In addition to Gilly at Moletown, what is going to happen to the Nights watchmen heading back to going to Craster's (my guess is they get killed by coldhands)? Will Gendry reunite with the BWOB (yes)?
    Some of the good:
    Dornish Backstory is being well shown and told by the phenomenal actors portraying Oberyn and Ellaria. We won't see much of Doran Martell pondering his ankles - but the image is established with a few lines of dialogue.
    Spreading the story telling outside the book POVs - gives us the great scene with Tywin and Oberyn, spoon feeding us some info that is only implied by the story (Oberyn a "trail" judge for instance.)
    The Thenns - good stuff IMHO, setting up some future suspense with extracting little Rickon from their clutches (looks like DD have combined the Skagosi, and the Thenns.) Perhaps Rickon will become a Thenn with a wolf?
    DAVOS - Just incredibly well acted, and the show Shireen has taken on the important elements of patchface (sorry to lose that interesting character, but its working well on several levels - Shireen has a "patched face", and there is tension building between her and the red lady.)
    Some of the bad: Jaime essentially raping Cersei next to their dead son. Give me a break - although their relationship is being shown to unravel pretty quickly I guess.
    Daario: ok - I thought the first Daario was actually pretty close in spirit to the creepy/worldly killer in the books. This new actor is a lovable shaggy rouge killer who Dany is going to bang, and I think the show runners mad the change so as not to turn show watchers off.
    The prophecies: I'll have to go back and review the show again, but I think the various prophecies (and multiple interpretations) enrich the book story, with the show giving them little lip service (or none at all.)

  3. New Tommen was a Lannister killed by Karstarks last season ;)