Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring is here

The sun is rising over the wooded hills, preparing to melt away more snow. I like spring. Winter has come and gone, but no assault from the Others this year. The Wall will have to hold and hopefully next winter we'll see some action.
There are some possibly interesting tidbits of ice and fire today, though, for the fan hungry for more.
Author Pat Conroy has fallen in love with George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire to the point that he is telling us he'd rather spend time with Martin's characters than Shakespeare's characters. A glowing tale of how Conroy came to know Martin himself as well as his masterwork can be read here. I'm sure Martin doesn't mind getting such praise from the man who wrote books such as "The Prince of Tides". And now, Pat Controy too, must needs join us in the Long Wait before a new book (he's got most of A Dance with Dragons left, though). 

Elsewhere, there's this hilarious video from Honest Trailers giving us the Game of Thrones treatment. I wasn't aware of these "Screen Junkies" making it, but when Winter is Coming provided the link to this vid I had to take a look and was entertained. It's not gold, but there are some great bits in there. Not safe for work. I suppose.

And, HBO have pushed yet another season four teaser upon us, this one featuring imagery from episode one only. I feel like I've seen the entire season already but that's of course just my imagination; there will be about 10 new hours of entertainment, and they've shown perhaps five minutes. 

Finally I wish I could say that there's good news, everybody! An update on The Winds of Winter, the board game is coming to the PC, and it has become mandatory to play RPGs for at least three hours daily for all citizens of this island Earth.  How about a round of A Song of Ice and Fire: The Roleplaying Game? That would be nice just now, wouldn't it? A gang of people around the table, armed with dice and pencils and character sheets, getting together to serve a noble House of Westeros, or perhaps play a group of friends forced into the Night's Watch, or a company of reavers from the Iron Islands stranded somewhere in Essos, or....

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