Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Star Wars Brainmelt

When I went online half an hour ago I didn't expect to get all hyped up, but there it is: the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced.
Remembering all too well how the prequel trilogy took way too much of my brain capacity (I kept making up my own versions of what I thought would be a better backstory, I spent countless hours on the net discussing, etc.), remembering how incredibly frustrating it was to see the original trilogy tainted and there was nothing I could do about it, I know I must stay cool and not get overly excited.
But then they slap me with the return of Luke, Leia, Han, the droids and Chewie. How can I not get riled up? It's the biggest news. And though I *know* it will be a frustrating experience I will probably just get more excited. 
- Already it seems that we are getting a stale story - I base this mostly on what kind of roles J.J. Abrams needed for the script and the fact they are going back to Tatooine again - and it will probably be aimed at a new generation, not old nerds like myself who still hold that Han shot first and who loved the subdued Jedi roles in the classic films and hated the silly acrobatics in the prequels.

I wouldn't mind having a seat here. Just seeing Mark, Harrison, Carrie, Peter, Anthony and the new cast including fricking Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis...HOLY FECULENCE PEOPLE!

Yet, yet...Star Wars has been the big love since I was seven, it has always been with  me. I used the originals as therapy dammit. I know the answers to all the questions in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit without time to consider, dammit. And now they are going to shoot a sequel to Jedi dammit.
And boy do I hate trying to type a post with a phone.

I think I need to go read some Ice & Fire. If Star Wars is my wife, then Ice & Fire is my mistress. :-p

Damn. Han Solo is coming back. I hope he goes down in flames, heroically, like he should have done in Jedi. Looking at the cast one CAN kind of see a parallel to the prequel cast: Han will be the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan of Ep7. Though I much prefer a story structure not similar to the existing episodes. But I guess Lucas has told Abrams to keep to the "symphony" and "rhythm" of the two existing trilogies. How did they get Harrison Ford to join this anyway? Has to be a good part. Now I have to stop. Can't take it. What if we get both The Winds of Winter and Episode VII next year? Brainmelt.


First Darth Whitewalker, now this.

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