Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Decided to write something about how dragons are fire made flesh and the Others are ice made flesh, and how this relates to the maesters and the Faceless Men, but then I got this mail from Blizzard Entertainment, come and try 'Hearthstone' and swooosh goodbye, rest of today's geek time. Do not try, even if it's free. It sucks time the way the daughter of the captain of the Myraham...)  I wish there was a computer game like this for the A Game of Thrones card game, which was awesome back in the day. Maybe it still is, I don't know. Or the board game! 

I was struggling last night to re-install the A Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, I got this sudden urge to play Lord Jason Mallister after that Catelyn-chapter (and I think I'll trade in the Slynt-name for Mallister too, it's a cool name and the character is even nice and doesn't kill babies in the TV series). Anyway, there's been a recent patch for CK2 and so the mod just refuses to work. Grumble! In other Ice & Fire news, George R.R. Martin has updated his blog with an April 1st post, "Too busy." Good one, George!

(I kid, I kid. I have the feeling he is busy now that HBO is breathing down his neck like Littlefinger hanging over Sansa. But not like that. Bad analogy, sorry.)

Meanwhile I'm halfway through Anthony Ryan's Blood Song. It's really not a bad book, good pacing, interesting most of the time (though there was a chapter that dragged on forever), and certainly not dissimilar to A Song of Ice and Fire in many ways. With a dash of The Name of the Wind thrown in for good measure. I'll review it at some point, I suppose. Then it's time to finish The King of Thorns which has been languishing because I have it in print format and it's so much easier to whip out ye olde Kindle. But I will probably be happy to have it when electricity disappears from the world (it did in a dream last night, there was a crow there as well so take that as you will).

In other other news, I hope to put up a new re-read post on Thursday or Friday.

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