Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you

Yeah, I am still reeling from the Star Wars: Episode VII casting announcement. These last days I've been trying to figure out what kind of story it could be, based on the extremely scant things that are known. And while I can think of a few stories, none of them are any good, neither are suggestions from other freaks online. There are some reasons to hope for something special, like Anthony Daniel's (C-3P0) tweet about the story being special, that Harrison Ford bothered to come aboard (apparently Han Solo will have a big role), and that the makers seem intent on making something that will resonate with fans of Episodes IV-VI. At the same time, there are a few early warning signs - Andy Serkis' involvement could mean another shot at making a Star Wars fully digital character, as if that alone makes a good Star Wars movie; it seems that we'll see Tatooine again which could suggest that the writers are giving in to the temptation of the nudge & wink, as if the desert planet alone makes a good Star Wars movie (the arguably best episode doesn't have it, by the way).
It's too early to judge anything, really, but when this upcoming movie - two hours of moving images - is occupying my mind like it does already,  I fear for my sanity come next year. Now, if The Winds of Winter would appear next year, that would really help me take my mind off the anticipation for the next Star Wars film. Hear that, Mr. Martin? Releasing book six before December 18, 2015 would be helpful. And think of all the millions of Star Wars fans who may yet have to read your work - you'll reel them all in if your next book is out before Episode VII.

But boy, it's frustrating to be back in the rut, so to speak, trawling forums and rumor websites like a junkie. I believed I had quit this stuff. I almost hope that once spoilers and leaks come faster that they will confirm that, like Episodes I - III, these films won't be the Second Coming I want them to be. But it would be awesome if Han Solo got a few of Jaime Lannister's line that the TV show have omitted. They are kind of similar characters (only Jaime takes it a few steps further). Hey, now I envision a Special Edition of A Game of Thrones where Bran gives Jaime a push first before Jaime pushes Bran out the window. "Bran pushed first!"

Tonight it is, of course, time for Game of Thrones 4.5: First of His Name, and I am cautiously excited about it. Cautiously because last week took me by surprise. Still thinking about those final scenes. I have a feeling we won't get such a huge surprise this time around, but I will once again stay away from the Interwebs until I've seen it, unspoiled by comments and reactions. Shame I have to wait until tomorrow, I'd really like that episode NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW because I'm of that generation.

Edit: By the way, since I was in a May the 4th mood today I bought the old Star Wars: Battlefront II game, as it was on sale on Steam for a few dollars. However, there are no keys to be had at the moment so the game is unplayable right now. Hopefully Valve will fix this issue soon. I was rather curious as these Battlefront games passed me by when they were released (I didn't have Internet access so there was no point in buying them - rest assured I believe I have every other Star Wars computer game ever released, and most of them are crap but hey. That reminds me of another franchise which I love very much but which has bad computer game associated with it).

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