Friday, June 13, 2014

A recommendation from Mr. Erikson

Check out this nice interview with Steven Erikson. In it, he talks about his favorite book which is John Gardner's Grendel. Never heard of it before reading this interview (there's an audio version as well) but such has my respect grown for this author that I immediately bought it (e-book). If he thinks this is awesome, I suppose it is awesome. Sounds like a book that can teach me a little bit while being entertaining and thought-provoking (like Erikson's novels, in other words). I also really like that Erikson seems to understand that postponing or not finishing a series hurts readers big time. 
So, now I just have to finish twenty or thirty other novels...No, I guess Grendel will quickly go to the top of my always-increasing to-read pile. Will be interesting to see if it ignites.

But now...but now! It is time to settle down with a cold one and watch the Netherlands hopefully beat Spain in the World Championships. And then, just a couple of days ahead, we are already at the finale of Game of Thrones Season 4. How fast did that go?! Jeebus Cricketface.

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