Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another season ends

Heading toward the finale.
It's Sunday and I bet you lucky folks in - what I've discovered during my Internet escapades is now popularly called - 'Murica are probably all getting ready to bench down before the screen to watch the final episode of Game of Thrones' fourth season, with beer and pretzels and whatnot. It is an episode everybody seems to be hyping as spectacular, and unfortunately while checking out Winter is Coming earlier today I came upon a spoiler for something I really was looking forward to find out on my own. Ye have been warned, fellow non-Americans. Avoid everything until you have seen the final episode. And then...and then comes another year of waiting (well strictly speaking one year minus 10-11 weeks give or take) to see where they are going with Season 5. 

The 10th episode is of course the big Ice & Fire - news this week, but a close second is the release of yet another Martin/Dozois-collaborated anthology, Rogues, which, like Dangerous Women not that long ago, will rake in the money due to a certain fan-base eager for anything new from George R.R. Martin. I am not judging - I have the e-book version pre-ordered. Not just because of another faux historical Westeros tale, but also for the contributions from Patrick Rothfuss and a few other fantasy luminaries (though I wonder if Martin will ever work with Steven Erikson, whose shorts are excellent, and I do miss Joe Abercrombie, though his effort in Dangerous Women was perhaps his least interesting work to date). As always, I buy more books than I can digest, but I think I just have to resign to that fact. And read faster. My to-read pile is now so large it just serves to frustrate. Every time I tell myself, finish one book before you start the next, and I dumbly ignore my own good advice and jump into three or four books at the same time. Yadayada. I could read now of course, but I want to write a little too. Currently busy re-shaping a short story I originally wrote for SFFWorld - I am going to take the jump with this one and try to sell it. It will be my first attempt at selling my own original fiction (I have given away one of my flash fiction stories which was published in Race for the Iron Throne, but that was just me being nice). You know, I have to try. I've been scolding Martin for writing slowly, and people have been telling me to write my own stuff if it's so damn hard to wait, so that's what I'm doing. So there. In thy collective faces. I've spent a few years now studying writer's guides, submitting stories at SFFWorld, and now I'm ready for the next step - ready to get bitch-slapped by rejections most likely, but what the unholy hedge.

No news or updates from Martin himself, which I take as a good sign. I hope he's furiously hammering on the keys, inspired and creative, as he inches closer to completing The Winds of Winter. By now, so many more people are becoming acquainted with the Long Wait, and surely the pressure is building more for each book in the series, especially considering how aggressively fast the HBO writers are pushing the story in Game of Thrones. First, though, some lucky (but poor) fool will have to get his death written into said volume of lore. If you need inspiration, Mr. Martin, look no further than this list of unusual deaths

Still. Exciting times.
Two new Malazan books in the works, The Winds of Winter still on the (distant) horizon; Star Wars VII production ramping up; my favorite band is back in the studio; final episode of season four tomorrow; it's as great being a geek today as it was back in 2009 when I began blogging. Except the infuriating lack of time each day to revel in everything. Books that want to be read (and re-read!), games that want to be played, friends that need to be visited, work that needs to be done, and so on and so forth. Maybe I'm getting too old, and this new age of information overload is just not for me anymore. I notice that when I try to kick back and relax with a game or whatever (been dabbling with Legend of Grimrock - mods again) I can't concentrate as well as I used to because I feel like I'm missing out on other things. I believe I'm not the only one, but I guess it comes with the territory.

Finally, I'd like to mention that, even though it has only two short reviews at Amazon (one of them's a five-star review, though), my latest book Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A Clash of Kings Part I is doing just fine, and has been selling consistently since it was published. I'm grateful for that, not because it makes me any money to speak of, but because I think this book provides a much better reading experience than the first book, Waiting for Dragons: Re-reading A Game of Thrones. So, when is Part II coming out? Latest news has it that the book's release has been postponed for a fall publication date, I can't do anything about it, but if you liked Part I you'll like Part II. My sincere thanks to anyone reading this who bought the book. 

Look for a review of Game of Thrones 4.10 The Children (that title is having me worried about the look of a certain type of beings!), a re-read of another A Storm of Swords chapter, and musing on season 4 in general in the coming week. 

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