Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Erikson again

Now this is what I'm talking about. Have talked about. Previously.

Steven Erikson answers questions at TOR

Once again Mr. Steven Erikson steps forward to answer fans' questions over at, for the ninth time (answering questions mostly related to the ninth novel in his epic-beyond-epic saga, Dust of Dreams); I love reading his replies, they might be a tad shorter this time than they sometimes can be, but still, what he is doing in these Q&A sessions is doing something extra for your devoted fans. Yes, I am that guy "from the North" who also had something to say this time. A pretty useless question I asked but the response was beyond the call nice. He gives insight, and he tells it like it is - he's a little burned out and yes, Fall of Light is a little late in the coming but still he expects to deliver it in November (and having written a promising SF/comedy-novel in the meantime, Willful Child, looking forward to that one. Love Erikson's sense of humor. And also his deep philosophical views on things. In short, I like the way he thinks about stuff and stuff.

I am not trying to say that Martin should do something like this (well, he did do an AMA, but so has Erikson and if you compare the two...)...all I'm saying is that I respect Erikson so much for the way he takes a little time out of his schedule for his readers, and that his answers often are insightful and interesting. He seems so...profound, if you will, as were the books in the last half of his Malazan saga, especially. What a writer. A thought-provoking one, at that. I think I'm going to read a little bit Erikson tonight. Deadhouse Gates, which I recently purchased a second time to have it as an ebook as well.

Am I trying to convince anyone to try the Malazan Books of the Fallen? I don't know. Maybe. Thing is, the first book Gardens of the Moon stops a lot of readers in their tracks. As I've mentioned before, it took me two aborted attempts and then a succesful third to finish that book (and yet it was great on the re-read). One interesting thing in this latest Q&A at TOR is that it sounds that there is a possibility we'll be enjoying a role playing game based on the world. Unfortunately (for my tastes, at any rate) it is a D20-thingy and not a system built to accommodate the setting.

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