Saturday, June 21, 2014

[Rogues] Joe R. Lansdale, "Bent Twig"

Been a couple of days where I've been busy wrapping up the school year, passing another class on to the future. Last night I found time for "Bent Twig", though I've tried starting it two times before, but the opening was kind of not grabbing me enough. But now I could concentrate and push past the somewhat uninteresting beginning of the tale, only to find myself wrapped up in an interesting crime story with some smooth writing with fun dialogue. Another winner, then, although I prefer the first three stories to this one, if only because "Bent Twig", while well written and all that, doesn't quite gel with my tastes but I'm sure many other readers will love this one. It felt a bit like watching one episode of a crime series on TV (that's just a hunch, because I don't actually watch crime series), because the main characters appear in several stories as the author's introduction taught me. Lansdale's writing is solid, he's good at expressing a lot in short sentences, giving the story a sense of urgency even if the action is mainly found toward the end. Some nice characterization through dialogue as well, and as such "Bent Twig" has a thing or two to teach about how to write well. 

In the world of ice and fire, there's been little news this week. Winter is Coming is still in the aftermath of The Children, giving curtain calls to fallen characters and presenting interviews with cast members. George RR Martin is talking about his cinema as usual. And there are several reviews of The Rogue Prince at Tower of the Hand.

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  1. This one was lousy. And I don't know how it fits the rogues theme, since the main character is just a bruiser, and there is no cleverness or trickery in the story