Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Obsessor

Tyrion Lannister post-Blackwater would be envious. I felt it was about time to put some more color on the blog, I was tired of the drab grey.

Today in the kitchen I shouted to my better half: "Say her name! Elia of Dorne! You raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children." I suppose that's a sign I'm a fanboy/geek/nerd/obsessor. She just rolled her eyes and said, "Who's that?"  I've noticed a few other worrying signs from meself re: A Song of Ice and Fire as well. Whenever one of the kids hurts himself I tell their mother that they won't be boys forever and winter is coming. Yes, it's the Game of Thrones series making an impact on my consciousness, much like I've quoted Homer Simpson and the Star Wars movies relentlessly (but not in public mind you) over the years. It is quite nice to get a delivery of lines in the series, and some of them are just so awesome (like the two I mentioned just now).
Another sign: I drove past a Renault Megane today and I snarled at it, "Ser Gregor Megane!"

Nah, I'm just acting like a child and why not. My eight-year old certainly doesn't mind when his dad believes he is flying the Millenium Falcon rather than the cranky family car. I believe that reading and watching and gaming fantasy, as well as being in a line of work where I am constantly surrounded by people twenty-five years younger than me, keeps me young at heart. Immersing oneself in imaginary worlds is after all kind of a playful activity. Even blogging about it is really, when it comes to it, playing around.

I was really just going to make a short post about the facelift but there you go.

And now I'm going to read that latest excerpt from The World of Ice and Fire, about the Rhoynar. About time, I suppose, yet I feel like I'm going to read it just because; not because I am hyped about it. Still, maybe it will surprise me, like The Princess and the Queen did.

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