Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Rogue Prince: Quite the Early Review

While I've just barely skimmed George R.R. Martin's foreword in this newborn (not a day old yet!) anthology, Stefan Sasse has already devoured it and reviewed it. Now, if The Rogue Prince was indeed an actual short story set in Westeros, you know, like the Hedge Knight tales, I'd probably be all over it the moment it zapped down in my Amazon account, but as it is another Targaryen history lecture, I can wait. Not a big deal. Imagine Martin pushing out a short story seen through the eyes of a common soldier during the assault on Pyke during Greyjoy's Rebellion, or a story set in Casterly Rock which we still haven't experienced up close. A story set during Robert's Rebellion, as seen from the point of view of a character mentioned in the main books but long gone. Now that would be something. And reading Stefan's assessment, I can't help but become less curious about the tale (I'm excited about a new Abercrombie short story, though - you better read that one, Stefan 'cause the man's breathing down Martin's neck!). The same Mr. Sasse has his own blog, by the way, The Nerdstream Era (I like that title), which I've put up in my small collection of links to the left. Will I read Joe Abercrombie's story tonight? Maybe. I just read another chapter in King of Thorns and the book is practically shouting at me to read some more. Seriously, it's good stuff. Has its own style and tone, it's witty and dark and full of interesting ideas and concepts and great banter. I have sacrificed to the Black Goat of Qohor that Bronn will take on Ser Ilyn Payne's role in Game of Thrones season five so that the show may continue to produce similar banter. I like banter in my stories as much as George likes rogues in his, I believe.

Speaking of George, let's take a quick check in case there's an update on The Winds of Winter.

Fundraiser...$ 390. 000 donated...wow those wolves will be fed caviar from silver plates..he's donating two of his infamous (?) suspenders (Did I actually read that??!) You'd think people were a fan of him, not A Song of Ice and Fire....let's see...Bizzaro something something...who cares about a small cinema somewhere on the planet..yadayada....Father's day finale...nice picture of Maisie Williams as Arya...that's actually related to the books we love...absolutely stunning pic of Daenerys....hands above the table, Mr. Martin...a car.....don't talk about Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones on the creator's blog, no of course not, that would be crazy....

Ah, nothing new today. Not even a post on the release of Rogues which I find surprising. Actually, come to think of it, his "sales" posts have been conspicuously absent for a long while...that is interesting. It's an improvement. Now for an update. Please? In less than a month, it's been three years already since A Dance with Dragons was published. Three long years, with less updates than ever.

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