Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Ten Thousand Ships, then

All right, I sat down and read through the excerpt. It was rather brief, to my surprise. I don't know why but for some reason I forgot it was just a teaser, not a complete text from The Worlds of Ice and Fire with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Nymeria lands in Dorne, by Amok
I found it a dry read, with a few fairly interesting tidbits, the most important one possibly the blunt statement that there's something called "water magic" (would that mean ice though?). The theme of ice and fire does run through even this little excerpt. Other than that, it is a type of text that doesn't really engage the emotional part of me, just the intellectually curious (which is a nice way of saying "geeky"). More info on Martin's world, yes. Giving me the feels, no. I'm still reeling from the feels of Prince Oberyn's impassioned demands, though. Say her name, dammit!!1!

I rolled my eyes at "Turtle Wars", though. Somehow that doesn't sound as awesome as, say, the dance of the dragons, or Greyjoy's rebellion, know. Also interesting is that Martin gives us kind of the basic groundwork on the greyscale, how it came to the world (kind of)...makes me wonder how Shireen Baratheon got this disease. Enough with the turtles, Martin!

This stuff is excellent material for game masters playing  A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, though; you could set a campaign along the Rhoyne river using this information as vital points for an overall campaign arc. I assume that beyond this excerpt, Nymeria will decide to leave the hopeless war with her ten thousand ships and go west like a good pet shop boy.

So they had wizards using water magic. Makes me think that Martin went for the good old "elemental magic" system, at least a sketch of it, for his own world. I can only assume, then, that this water magic is linked to ice, and that the red priests' magic is linked to fire, but I have not yet seen the connection between Melisandre & co and the dragons of the Targaryens, but I assume there must be some link. Maybe there's some obscure information I don't know, or haven't realized that explains it all.

In the same sense (elemental magic), it seems then that Bran's powers will be "earth magic"; but then what is "air magic"? Warging? Glamours and illusions? Sigh.

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