Thursday, June 5, 2014

With Him?! And wolves?!?!

I'm sorry, but George R.R.'s latest blog post has me wondering. For charity (that's a good thing of course!), he offers to fly anyone in from anywhere in the world for a day of frolicking with him. I wonder how he would feel having me over for perusal of toy knights, sampling of chili and the maneuvering of helicopters to meet endangered wolves? Or any of the other many people who have dared criticize him? Hehehe. Doth not worry; I wouldn't want to, but what if a so-called "detractor" does donate and ends up having a field day with Martin? An excellent chance, perhaps, to discuss his PR strategies, gift him a laptop or a tablet so he can write on the road (or in that helicopter), sneak in a suggestion to have Janos Slynt return as UnJanos and perhaps, ever so slightly, talk about how he could cooperate better with his editor Anne Groell. Muahahha! Because, you know, they are saying different things in the media this day.

I am being just a little tongue-in-cheek, here, no offense intended. But the image of meeting up with George R.R. Martin to fondle toy knights and chewing down chili is, I find, a little bit hilarious in the sense that, really George, that's a prize?! And where is the option to dig through trash bins for intact hamburgers to deliver unto him?!

And he offers to have your death described in The Winds of Winter as a prize. Much like Patrick Whatshisname of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist got "immortalized" through the death of Ser Patrek in Dance. People, this is the only progress update we've had on Winds from the man himself in a long good while. Apparently then, it is not finished.

I know a better prize offer, Mr. Martin.
Donate, and I'll finish the book. Like, sooner rather than later.

Here's a direct link to the donation/competition

(Here, you may notice that Martin writes that he's open to discussing, among other things, A Song of Ice and Fire and you can ask any questions - now that is cool. But I don't know, it must be hard to get through with the pointed questions, especially aboard a noisy helicopter or while you're being ripped apart by wolves. Still, I would ask him if he's ever considered how many people perceive him through the way he acts on his blog; I would ask him, and ask him, and ask him, to give an exact manuscript page count for Winds; and I would try to figure out just how perverted the man truly is - out of morbid curiosity.) But really, I would probably just sit there like an idiot like whoever wins the grand prize probably will.

And now! Night gathers, and now my sleep begins. Tomorrow I shall be spearheading an examination of students in the subject of religion, and for that, a man needs a restful night. And no, I won't ask questions about the Seven, R'hllor, the Old Gods, but perhaps the Black Goat of Qohor.

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  1. Though I understand it's probably about history of religion, it's still strange to imagine arheist teaching about it =D
    No insult intended :)