Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Rogues] Walter Jon Williams: "Diamonds from Tequila"

A cold fog has crept in over the surrounding landscape, and yesterday's sweltering heat and piercing sun is but a memory. It gives a man time to enjoy another short story from the Rogues anthology.

Williams' Diamonds from Tequila is certainly an entertaining and well-written piece, written in the first person perspective. The character who narrates this strange tale is basically a bit full of himself, but it works really well within the context. Here we have a semi-successful movie star whose view of the world gives the story it's own peculiar tone and atmosphere, and it was really easy to get into it as the writing's pretty clear. As a story set in this day and age (complete with 3D printers, drug abuse and some explanations of what different crew members on a movie production actually do) it is not the kind of story I'd normally choose to read but I still found it a worthwhile addition and a story that lingered long after I had finished it.

And it took my mind of the Netherlands losing to Argentina last night. Boo and/or hiss!

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  1. I felt that the story spent too much time recapping the character's backstory from the author's novel.