Friday, August 22, 2014


Wow!! I had completely forgotten the release of Assail, Ian C. Esslemont's sixth Malazan Empire novel which also serves to backend Erikson's main cycle.
Weird how I kind of just forgot about the most interesting book of the year (for me personally).
I bought it before giving myself the chance to even consider waiting until I have finished my other books.  Which is dumb because it will probably be half the price soon enough, but I really need a Malazan fix and I am quite curious about how Esslemont will wrap it all up.
Oh joy.
But four days. Why haven't I seen or heard anything? This is big!


  1. Hi Remy, I really enjoy your posts. I started following you a few years ago because of the re-read and you have sparked my interest in some of the other authors you write about. I have been planning to get into Joe Abercrombie (I've really enjoyed his short stories in the anthologies) and the Malazan series. I was wondering what order you would recommend reading them in. Also, I noticed on there is a Malazan read, I was wondering if you knew if this was full of spoilers or if it will be okay for a new reader like myself. Keep up the good work, I am very excited to read your thoughts on Feastdance.


  2. Hi and thanks for reading :)
    The Malazan is both a read and a re-read at the same time; one person hasn't ever read it before, the other has read it before. It creates some interesting and different perspectives. If I were you, I'd go with the same order that they have been reading, starting with Erikson's Gardens of the Moon. Even though Gardens is a very hard pill to swallow for many people, you'll appreciate having read it when you get deeper into this very fascinating and complex series :-)
    Here is the link to the Introductory Post setting up all the re/reads, with a handy "Next" button below so you can move to the next chapter.
    My advise is to read a chapter or two, then go into the re-read and see how Bill and Amanda reacted to the text. I wish I had these two when I read the series the first time, I think they might be very helpful.