Sunday, August 17, 2014

But still.

With all the Star Wars: Episode VII (give us a proper title already!) rumors coming out fairly frequently this day it's hard to keep my head elsewhere. I love the original movies so hard, that all the speculation and rumors and back-and-forths surrounding the next trilogy has me checking a host of websites (all relaying the same rumors and reports to be honest), discussing here and there, and trying to imagine what the next movie in this beloved franchise will be like, all the while knowing I probably will be disappointed somehow. Even better news, then, is that the latest rumors suggest Disney will (finally!) release the original movies - the way they were watched for twenty years before the appalling Special Editions - with a proper transfer. If this turns out to be true, then Episode VII and beyond can be crap for all I care - the originals will always be an amazing story with amazing visual designs that I have loved since I was a youngling kid.

But still. BUT STILL. But still the wait for The Winds of Winter is harder. Maybe because the production of Star Wars has been on a roll since they started shooting back in May, there's this seemingly unceasing work being done to reach completion at a set date - December, 2015. With Winter (and the two books before it), we know nothing - well, except for a few teaser chapters and the endless dissecting of existing books in the search for clues and foreshadowing. Now I wish there was a way for people to have a peek at Martin at work, so they could relay spy reports to us. Some tantalizing rumors that may turn out to be false, but which would have us all discussing. Imagine a website reporting that "Jon is not going to be warging Ghost!" That rumor alone - false or not - would give us all something to debate and have fun with, speculating what else Martin could choose to do with Jon than the most obvious prediction, and the wait for the next novel in the series would be all the more fun.

Oh well. I'll be reading another chapter of A Storm of Swords later this week, all the while secretly hoping for an update on The Winds of Winter but also knowing there probably won't be any. Until then, may it rain a little less on your house than it does on mine.

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