Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emperors, Emmys, Endgame

Almost done with Emperor of Thorns (Mark Lawrence), it feels good to find time to read more often, though it has stolen time from other hobbies. With the end of the summer holiday, massive loads of work await as well, impeding further on precious geek-time. Once again I find myself wishing one could get paid for just geeking out in the comfort of one own's home.  After Emperor, it is time for Assail, which I have to admit kind of drives me a little harder to finish Lawrence's trilogy; which, even as I am coming to the end of it, still continues to come up with these baffling surprises, dark and twisted scenes, and the humor that permeates Lawrence's writing (although I feel the humor is somewhat downplayed in the third book).

I have to say I am surprised Game of Thrones got only four Emmys. Surprised, and disappointed that once again a fantasy production is given the short shrift when it clearly deserves all the praise in the world. Not that it really matters - the viewing numbers says it much better than an Emmy anyway. 

A new A Storm of Swords post coming up, hopefully by Friday, which seems to be my new window for my re-read posts this fall. I have to work it in between everything else, so I don't expect to be able to do more than one re-read post a week for the foreseeable future, but that still means I'll wrap up Storm and get cracking on those two last books - which in my mind still feel like the two new kids on the block who don't feel as if they really belong; in other words, fresh - before the year is over at least.

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