Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just just.

SO, what news of Ice & Fire?

  • Martin is awfully proud of The World of Ice and Fire, to be released in October. A concordance based on the first five books of an unfinished series, Martin none the less promises us answers to questions we never knew we had (which I read as "stuff that doesn't really affect the plot and as such isn't that important"). Still, it looks fat and big and the artwork visible in one of the photos seems good. Hopefully they are not recycling too much from the licensed games, like they did with the two Art books. At least one fan asks some seriously pertinent questions but Martin only answers questions where he can get people to buy some stuff. Oh, wait, that's old news.
  • More old news is of course the casting of a number of people for Game of Thrones Season Five, and there is no longer any doubt that Dorne is coming to the show in full force. Well, almost: We're missing two of the biggest players. But more casting news will undoubtedly surface. How will it all look and feel? I bet I'm not the only one who is curious to see if the slower books four and five will be dissected and adapted in such ways that the story lines do not take away from the series' momentum. 
  • On Westeros, people still debate the smallest details of the works in existence to keep the hurt of the Long Wait at bay; some threads are definitely interesting and thought-provoking - such as, could it be that Quentyn Martell, everybody's favorite character from A Dance with Dragons, is still alive? When you begin to read the arguments from the pro side, it becomes convincing, actually. 
  • An essay about Varys and Littlefinger over at Tower of the Hand is worth a read. A re-read of The Hedge Knight has also started over there. Yes, there are many ways to keep the flame alive during the Long Night. Of waiting.
  • Over at Is Winter Coming?, the most active threads seem to be about...being drunk, spambots, and picking smilies. Something tells me a lot of my friends are tired of the saga.
And that's it as far as I'm aware of interesting goings-on. Well, there was the Comic Con Panel, of course. 
Now I'm off to see Guardians of the Galaxy, an appropriate warm-up to another long wait, the wait for the return of proper Star Wars in December 2015.


  1. Where there always that many theories about characters surviving after being killed in the earlier books, or is this just present whit this book?

  2. And also you should check out the watchers on the wall website. Most people got tired of the fansided thing so that is were most of the community seams to be. Don't know if you caught that.

  3. I'm not sure about the "survival theories", there weren't that many important characters getting killed in the first three books with a few notable exceptions. I do remember that there were a handful of people who were obstinate about Ned Stark being alive (and there still are).