Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[Review] Guardians of the Galaxy

...That was awesome.

No, it wasn't the best movie in the world by any means. But it was a spectacle and it did so many things right that a space fantasy hasn't done since...well, Serenity / Firefly, I guess. I was initially not that interested when I learned it was based on a Marvel product, and the trailer didn't really entice me either, what with the raccoon and the tree.

They won me over, though, the both of them - because this was a charming film, with humor, the best special effects I've seen, and it was all over the place genre-wise, and I was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride, and only twice did it break the immersion. And it was closer to the classic Star Wars blueprint than, say, superhero comics. By classic Star Wars I am primarily thinking Han Solo, who was quite the scoundrel back in the day. He was updated in Firefly, and here's 3.0 in the shape of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. Version 3.0 takes it all a little further, with snappier dialogue, even closer to grey on the scale of black to white, and funny. Every scene with Peter Quill, the Star Lord, played by American actor Christ Pratt, is gold. The raccoon, while initially giving me a little of the bad Jar Binks vibes as opposed to the good Gollum vibes, becomes a character I eventually found entertaining, and the tree was just a great sidekick, and more than once I found myself imagining that parts of this was a Star Wars spin-off about Han and Chewie blasting through the galaxy on fun adventures.

The of the film were to my surprise cool too, and there were many fun bad guys, interesting locations, creative camerawork, spectacular shots, and enough subtext to make me want to see it again - at the same time it was cheesy and a little dumb. In other words, a perfect space fantasy.

And I was going to stop at awesome.

Now I'm going to read reviews to see what kind of reception this film has gotten, as I actually have no clue. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had been to a proper blockbuster. And I didn't mind, in the least, all the little hints that a sequel might just become reality.

I have to admit that almost hidden in this spectacle is a wafer-thin plot, but it did never really matter. And it made me even more ready for next year's December, when Star Wars: Episode VII has a lot of psychological damage to repair.

Next up: Another re-read of a chapter from A Storm of Swords. I almost promise.

Oh, what do you know:
Writer of first Star Wars spin-off movie finds that Guardians will make his job harder.

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