Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keeping hands warm during the Long Night

MAN, when can we get some proper news/updates on The Winds of Winter? It's getting as ridiculous as the long waits for books four and five. There's just nothing.
No wonder I'm drifting more and more to Star Wars VII rumor websites and fora, at least there's something to follow to keep interest up.
Of course, there's the fifth season of Game of Thrones to follow, and there's been articles on the upcoming The World of Ice & Fire, George R.R.'s birthday, and...oh, that about sums it up, but nothing for us to chew on when it comes to that coveted sixth book in the saga.
If I wasn't convinced Martin isn't interested in his story anymore before, I am really beginning to feel it now. The argument that he's not saying anything because fans get fretful is weak; he doesn't have to give us a release date, he can tell us something about the creative process like most other authors have a tendency to do to communicate with their devoted worshipers readers. And the longer we wait, the more fans put the pieces of the puzzle together and can guess the general outline of the remainder of the story, which is kind of tragic in its own way. Once again, the slowness of forthcoming news is maddening. 

But have you seen that awesome new X-Wing (well, parts of it anyway)? Just that little glimpse has me all excited and happy. And just a little glimpse of the process of The Winds of Winter would do the same. Perhaps it's time for another teaser chapter. Given time and enough teaser chapters, we'll eventually, finally, have that sixth book.

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