Thursday, September 4, 2014

No news, really.

Doesn't look like I'm going to get in a re-read post tomorrow; the window has been smashed to bits by not one, not two, but three work-related meetings.
This week I've played twenty minutes Skyrim, and I'm about 30% into Ian C. Esslemont's Assail. I've seen a few reviews of it and these reviews haven't been very kind, but I am enjoying this novel a lot for what it is. Yes, the great mystery that is/was the continent of Assail might just be meh, but there is a solid pace, and vivid descriptions of the many hostile environments the characters encounter. So I'll reserve my judgement for now. 

Not much news on the Ice & Fire front this week (or I have missed it). Not a whiff of The Winds of Winter. Joe Abercrombie, on the other hand, gives us this lengthy post, giving his devotees something to enjoy as they wait for the man's next output. The man even dares to call it a "Progress Report". That's a big slap in the face to any Ice & Fire fan, innit. Or maybe not. Come on, George, it is time - no, really it is - for a progress report. Something. Pretty please?

The one bit of news I've seen/heard is that Bran and Hodor won't be in Game of Thrones Season V, which is both a relief (no spoilers) and a bit weird (and, perhaps, even worrying; but maybe people, having become hooked through four seasons, won't mind that much and give the writers/producers the benefit of the doubt). It must also mean that Bran's continued story in The Winds of Winter (if he's even in it) must be really full of stuff Martin doesn't want the world to know yet. Which could be good.


  1. I've heard a rumour on the internet (exactly as reliable as it sounds) that George wants to have the manuscript in his publishers' hands in January.

  2. Well, that *is* interesting, regardless of reliability :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Regarding Bran and Hodor missing from season 5... I'm surprised that Bran at least doesn't have some face/voice scenes depicting some of the very cool imagery we were treated to in the 5th book. Blood sacrifice in the north, presumably Lyanna and Brandon Stark as kids, Ned cleaning his sword back at winterfell, someone making weirdwood arrows, and others I forget.

    there seems to be some very important story points to get across: Bran can interact with people through the weirwood net (contrary to what Bloodraven says to him - which implies Bran is a more powerful sorcerer.) I guess we'll wait for the later Theon scenes, as Stannis prepares to burn him and Bran appears to be calling them toward the weirwood. Maybe they're saving all of that for season 6 (when the actor will be shaving, and have a deep voice.)