Friday, October 31, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

Woooo, it's that time of the year again. November means letting the fingers fly across the keys, trying to get a coherent 50,000 words down.
This will be my third time. In 2012, I bailed out. I didn't have an outline, and I found myself at a loss. Last year, I managed to finish the quest, though the result - a novel I called "Invert the Skies" - well, I had a very detailed outline and I finished but it wasn't a very readable story I think. Not that I have tried to read it, perhaps I should.
This year my outline is a lot vaguer. I have a main character and a setting and a few bits of plot. And I have decided to try out a story in the vein of Joe Abercrombie's "Half a King": a simple one-POV structure with a (relatively) simple linear plot, with a high pace, each chapter moving the story toward the end effectively - no filler just killer, as they say. I believe I read that in an Amazon review of "The World of Ice and Fire", only it said just filler no killer. Sounds promising.

Anyway, my point is, give NaNoWriMo a try if you dabble in writing. It's fun. And a little bit hard some days, obviously. I already know I'll be behind by Monday as the weekend is booked full.

But will I be able to stay away from Legend of Grimrock 2? I have played about 70% of it (at a guess) and there's still much to explore and get frustrated with. Say one thing about Grimrock, say it is has some fricking frustrating puzzles. And a scarcity of food for my hungry heroes. Gotta love dungeoneering though. I'm going to put some dungeon action in my NaNoWriMo '14 novel - but with the sensibilities (?) of gritty.

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