Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nostalgia for Yesterday

I'm steamrolling through Joe Abercrombie's Half a King, now at an impressive 68% read. I have realized by now that the actual physical book must be quite short (for a fantasy novel), which accounts for some of my unusual speed, but the book is also eminently fast-paced and readable. Compared to The Way of Kings which I started four years ago, it feels like I'm reading at warp speed. Anyway.

Yesterday was a big day, folks. October 15th, 2014. A day to be remembered. Spoilers for Episode VII after the jump.

Not only was Legend of Grimrock 2 released, and early reviews are glowing, and I actually found some time to get into it for a couple of hours and having a heck of a time with it, but a whole bunch of Star Wars VII concept art was leaked and even the least interesting of them looks better than any concept art I saw for Episode I back in the day. Very promising, and I admit, somewhat surprising to see they are really going for an almost apocalyptic look for the next Star Wars trilogy. Who would've thought? One thing that makes me suspicious of the validity of this leaked concept art is that I swear I remember J.J. Abrams claiming he wanted to get back into that "fun spirit" of the original movie. This concept art looks darker than the trilogy's darkest moments. 

Initial reaction: WTH. Later reaction: WTH.

Now, some people believe these leaks are all fake and actually orchestrated by said Abrams, to keep the actual stuff out of the public's sight until we get closer to December next year. I am not sure. 
I am also not sure whether I like where it all is going - if it's real - what with Darth Vader's burned helmet and all, and this mysterious masked character staring at it (could it be Luke Skywalker? Princess Leia? A new character?), and a return to so many familiar locations (Tatooine, Hoth, and Yavin are all mentioned) - though it looks that it is the plot that forces certain characters on a path that takes them through these places because they are searching for Luke Skywalker. I don't know. It's so frustrating and yet also so nice to be speculating about a new Star Wars film. It is, I guess, the biggest thing for me, except for one small thing that I am looking even more forward to, despite two lackluster predecessors. 

You guessed it. Coming soon: Another A Storm of Swords re-read post.

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  1. Here's an interesting link from my yahoo feed (which does a great job selecting the latest GOT news simply by spying on my internet habits.)

    I hope it is a Bran/Weirnet scene. I also didn't know that the show runners swore off dreams, and prophesies as well, but did note the absence of the storylines and clues suggested by many of the dreams and prophesies: the bloody bed of LS, Dany's destiny, the prince who was promised, to name just a few.