Friday, October 31, 2014

The World of Ice & Fire

So, three days ago was the release of The World of Ice and Fire. Obviously not as news-worthy as a new novel in the series, but it still seemed to be noticed quite a bit. I have been quite negative toward this book since its announcement back in the 18th century, at first mostly because I feel a book like this should wait for the completion of the novel series, for obvious reasons. So obvious there should be no need to state them, actually.

When it turned out that the evil overlords of, Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson, were co-operating on this thing, it drained any interest I had left for this project. Not just because I don't like them (which I should be able to overlook), but because the job they did helping out with proof-reading A Dance with Dragons was plain bad. I kept stumbling on typos in that one.
I took part in a discussion about the world book over at Tower of the Hand and it actually turned into a discussion about whether one should not buy the book based on the fact that these two "super-fans" participated. You can read it here.

And then, one day when I'm gloriously obsessed with the story, I click the pre-order button anyway. I felt like a traitor, as I had been so adamant about denying Martin his dollars for The World of Ice and Fire. However, this is some savvy marketing: we're in the midst of a terrible drought, deep in the darkness of the third Long Night waiting for a continuation of the main story, and we are promised "new and exciting" nuggets of information and kewl art.

Once I had pre-ordered it, though, I immediately regretted it. It felt morally wrong to support these people with my money, actually. I'm not going to rehash the whole story of how the fanbase got divided and how central these two co-authors, but it really felt wrong. So I decided to cancel the order.

Only I forgot to do just that, and a few days ago I got a mail from Amazon that The World of Ice and Fire hardcover has shipped. Oh well. It will probably be a best-seller anyway, but I feel like I have betrayed myself. And I'm not even that curious about the book in the first place. Sigh. I only hope that Garcia and Antonsson aren't actually co-authors, as in, they created material for Martin, that would really take my respect for the author down to the last possible rank. Sigh. It's his world, dammit, not theirs.

Sucks to be sucked into suckiness. I guess you can expect a review once the book has crossed the Atlantic, which takes a while as it seems Amazon employs steamboats for their deliveries these days.

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