Thursday, November 27, 2014

A day long remembered

The big day has arrived!

No, not Black Friday. That's just meant to trick you into buying stuff that, while on sale, still was cheaper to produce than the price you paid for it.

No, today comes the teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I'm ready at the screen, eyes open for any sign of it appearing online. Probably about eight hours early, but still. I haven't been this excited since...since A Feast for Crows was on its way in the mail from Amazon, I suppose. That was really exciting. I remember the book finally arriving, and me rushing out to the post office to pick it up, going home, unpacking it...taking a selfie with the book as if it wouldn't be real without photographic evidence, and then jumping in and ... erm. That has to wait for my re-read of Feast and Dance. Still four chapters and an epilogue to go.

In other news, I finally found half an hour to flip a few more pages of The World of Ice and Fire. I admit I'm losing hope with the endless reams of texts about the Targaryen kings. So many names and back-and-forths, its almost like reading the bible. Too little juice, too much bone. Still, the quality of the art is very high and while the typos have become more prominent it still reads better (technically) than Dance.

Expect the next A Storm of Swords post after the weekend. For now, it is time to hopefully celebrate a glorious return to form for the saga that has been part of my life since 1982/83.

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  1. I know Lucas has little to do with this, but I've given enough of my money to this franchise - and I was not really impressed with the 3 most recent films (1999-2005).

    When it hits Netflix I'll probably check it out then.