Monday, November 10, 2014

Erikson does it...again

SO, the Malazan Re-read at TOR is over, and people can ask the master questions. And he's already popped in, answering questions where he can.

What an author!

To quote him,

I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to engage with you all, via this screen and, as well as via your emails to me through While I may not be able to respond to each and every one of you (I’d never get any work done), be assured that I appreciate your reaching out to me.

Doesn't that make you wish a certain other author would love to be so forthcoming with his readership? Of course, he's in a different league and his way to communicate material to his fans might well be to release the lil' juggernaut The World of Ice & Fire.

I have finished the section on the most ancient history of Martin's world (next up: the Targaryens) and I have to admit that, at least so far, the book is pretty well written. Haven't even noticed any glaring typos (something I feared based on the amount of typos in A Dance with Dragons). A pleasant surprise then, so far, and even in those few first pages of most ancient history there were some interesting nuggets of information that gave me new understanding, and even introducing a faction within Westeros we haven't seen yet. There is text that supports certain theories here, too, such as a possible link between the Children of the Forest and House Reed. 
And the art is pretty darn good, overall. 

I am actually looking forward to delve deeper into the tome - it is not as ponderous as I feared.

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