Saturday, November 29, 2014

Have you felt it? I finally got to watch the teaser trailer for Episode VII yesterday and have been spinning it a dozen times since. Bit of a ramble, as such teases tend to make my mind go all over the place and I'm not even sure I agree with what I wrote. I also realize I didn't comment on the voice-overs (there are two, though the voices are quite similarly pitched/styled). I thought it was a bit goofy. It looks like winter is coming with that Sith Lord...

I went to and was greeted with a picture of two TIE Fighters and the Falcon and I wondered for a moment if it was a shot from Star Wars: Rebels. Looking more closely, it said "Teaser trailer". Well, that wasn't a good start. So I hit play and...'s just black?! Oh wait.
SAND?! But that's rough and coarse and irritating!
Dude suddenly pops up on the screen like those silly fake commercials where suddenly some masked guy screams at you. I was bemused.
And realized this fit 100% with rumors up to this point. And here I had been thinking most of the rumors were false/fake because the story would be so similar toStar Wars: Legacy?! SCORE: 7 (I dock one point because it was a bit awkward, how long did I have to watch those sand dunes? Still, the look on Boyega's face was great.)
Oh well.
Black screen. Come on come on show me more.
Roll 1D6+2
Uhm. Oh. Well that looked like a shot straight out of The Phantom Menace. Didn't give me any kind of feels. Probably not the movie's main character, though.SCORE: 3
New Stormtroopers!
Well, that shot was awesome. Perfect shot that gave off both threat and the good Star Wars vibe. Close-up of weapon's cool too. SCORE: 9
Stormtrooper legs on landing hatch about to disembark; pretty cool. SCORE: 7
Daisy Ridley on her strange, yet Star Wars-y vehicle: Perfect. She looks fantastic, love the costume design which again is very Star Wars-y. Looks like a perfectly cast actor for the role. Docking 1 point for yet another desert location. The gadget on the side of the vehicle in the first shot looks detachable. Noticed she is speeding toward the bazaar/marketplace. SCORE: 9
Oscar Isaac in an X-Wing! Well, wow! It gives off the feeling of being in the cockpit of a Rebel Snowspeeder in Empire; love the coloring in this cockpit, but think that the actor looks a little I don't know, bored? Notice the water churning through the panes behind him; he's probably in one of the X-Wings in the next shot. Isaac (if that's him) looks like a proper Rebel pilot except he doesn't seem to be very excited or scared. Maybe he doesn't have to be, we'll have to wait for the movie for that. SCORE: 8.
And then the three X-Wings speeding along the surface of a lake (or coast) with a distinctly Norwegian-looking background of forested hills. I love the shot. Docking one point for the somewhat weightless feel to the fighters [CGI] SCORE: 9
Dark character wandering through wood. Well this is JARRING and looks like a scene from Game of Thrones (Night's Watch man out ranging beyond the Wall)...until that crazy lightsaber gets ignited of course. I've had to re-watch this one and I'm still not 100% comfortable with it but I admit that the character's posture is great, and that once that ... thing ignites it is way cooler than I expected it to be. It's ridiculously long, though. I think it was a good choice to make the blade more fiery and less elegant. So conflicted about this one. Cool, yet...ah heck. SCORE: 8
And then..
The Millenium Falcon!!!
Nitpicker that I am, I really don't like the square dish. I got a kick out of the camera movement, with the hull whipping up sand. First couple of times I thought the short sequence looks too CGI but now that I have watched the trailer, oh, 20 times or so, I'm sold. Of course, it helps that we get the soaring Star Wars fanfare to pump up the hype level. Those two TIE Fighters are difficult to catch, a quick glimpse makes it seem as if they haven't changed much (but I suspect we'll get a good close look on the crashed one later).

Different, yet the same.
I am very grateful that they have discarded the "Episode" tag. Really I am.
I am halfway in love with "Kira" already.

Conclusion from Star Wars grognard:
These 88 seconds are more entertaining, exciting, and inspiring than Episode I, II and III combined.

Yet, I was somehow both overwhelmed (perhaps emotionally, especially when the Falcon returns) and underwhelmed (rolling droid, fantasy setting-feel as opposed to space fantasy-feel in the Sith scene); somehow I had expected to be more riled up about it (I only slipped out from last night's party once to watch it again), yet somehow I feel this teaser was perfect in a sense of being level with me.

I am less excited than I was about Episode I yet I think this teaser blows anything prequel out of the water. Of course, I'm older and I have a hangover the size of a small moon.

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