Saturday, November 8, 2014

It has arrived

Well, today it arrived in the mail. The World of Ice and Fire. Martin's name is so huge it's totally easy to miss that there are two more authors. The book was about the size I expected it to be, which is fairly large, let's call it a tome.

I've flipped through it quickly, and there's a huge amount of text here, so my guess is it might be a ponderous tome. I fear my review will not be forthcoming this side of 2014 if I am actually going to bother reading all that stuff. Man!
(Prince of Fools, first, though. I got through the sagging bit and am now back on track at about two-thirds done. Great book but after a great opening I feel the three stories about Jorg that Mark Lawrence wrote first remain the better tale. Unless the last third of Fools ramps it up in terms of humor and excitement, that is.)

And there's some great art - some really great art - in The World of Ice & Fire; and much less of it recycled from Fantasy Flight Games products than I feared (buying the two The Art of Ice & Fire books I could have just gone through my collection of A Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game cards to see the same art - mostly). There's one particular piece here that really awed me (I haven't seen all yet, just flipped through remember), I am so going to try and scan it, sharpen it, and show it here and/or use it as my new dual monitor wallpaper. It's a classic scene painted a hundred times before, but this one really stood out. It had a..haunted quality to it. Esoteric, if you will.

It's not giving me the Westeros fever, though; I'm still heavily infected by the Star Wars virus. Made me watch old Star Wars documentaries instead of finishing Legend of Grimrock 2. Made me tear into the olde box of vintage action figures and vehicles, just looking and putting it all back.

There's only one cure, and that's The Winds of Winter, and no, not dinosaurs. What annoys me most about Martin's latest post (besides it not being about said Winds) is that I wanted to write a medieval dinosaur novel! Oh well.

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