Monday, November 3, 2014


Wow, how many years since those Ice & Fire art prints were published?  I think it was 2007, so that's seven solid years ago. There were three released (as far as I'm aware), painted by the fantastic Michael Kormarck (my favorite Ice & Fire artist) - one featuring Ned Stark cleaning his greatsword Ice in a quiet moment in the godswood; a second featuring Sansa Stark building a miniature snow-Winterfell; and a third, featuring Jon Snow and Ghost. Well, I bought the two first all those years ago, and lo! and behold. Today I finally framed them and hanged them on the wall. At least I'm following tradition by waiting so long. But seriously, I'm so glad I finally got them up. The last years have been turbulent, so the prints have just been lying around, but now that I have an office-ish room, it was time for Ned and Sansa to get what they deserved. Well, Ned got what he deserved in King's Landing, of course, but you know what I mean. Only shame is that I haven't been able to keep the prints in pristine condition, there are some creases, the Sansa one is probably too damaged to be hanging on the wall in the first place, you see it when the light shines on her from a particular angle. Well, that was the Ice & Fire news. 

Yeah, I caught the newsflash on the seventh season and the actors signing and getting more money and that whatshishname Jon Snow is on the list as well, but that hardly counts as a spoiler. Even my dim brain caught on to the Ghost-warging-thingy at the end of Dance there.

In other news, I'm halfway through Mark Lawrence's King of Fools and boy, it's good. Not better than Jorg of Ancrath's adventures in the Broken Empires trilogy (not yet, anyway) but just as - and that's saying something. It's already so entertaining I gave it my vote at Goodread's annual Choice Awards.

In other other news, I am not sure whether I should be waxing positive about Legend of Grimrock 2 anymore. The puzzles are sometimes so infuriatingly frustrating. And my party is so hungry! But still, gotta love a game that actually is difficult to play well, and which manages to balance old school gaming with modern sensibilities pretty well. Love it and hate it.

And in other other other news, tomorrow there's yet another Steven Erikson novel coming out, Willful Child. It's a Star Trek parody, so pretty far from The Malazan Books of the Fallen, but knowing how droll Erikson can be, it will probably be a hoot. If you're new and you haven't read it yet: Steven Erikson is a genius, although it may take you a book or three to figure that out. Go check this excerpt from Willful Child. Unless you don't want to. 

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