Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 - A Feast of Fantasy?

Here we are, with only one day left of 2014. I find time fascinating. No matter what we do, we can't stop its march onward. Soon, we'll be in 2015, and we can begin asking the same old question again: Will this be the year?

It might not become the year of The Winds of Winter, but for those of us who love good fantasy, the year is shaping up to be quite solid without Mr. Martin as well. Now, if you look at this "Can't Wait for..." - list on Goodreads for the next year, you'll notice that The Winds of Winter is present but that's of course because of hope, not because anyone has said anything definitive about a release date. I'm not saying we won't get another novel in our beloved saga in '15, because he might just surprise us all, theoretically speaking at least. There are a few other titles too that I'm not too sure we'll see, but if we for a moment imagine that all these books will be published in the year to come, we do have a real feast of fantasy ahead of us.

There's Patrick Rothfuss topping the list (!) with his third Kingkiller Chronicle, Doors of Stone. There's another Sanderson novel for those who have been able to push through the first two in his Stormlight Archives series. We have more gentlemanly bastardry from Scott Lynch, Half a World by Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence might gift us with the sequel to the excellent Prince of Fools with...what? The Liar's Key? And here I thought I would be reading King of Fools. Oh well, the man must be allowed to get more creative with his titles. Surprisingly (to me, at any rate) we don't see Steven Erikson's Fall of Light until #34 - it's probably the novel I'm the most eager to read out of all of them, Martin's (obviously) excepted. And there will be a lot of new author names and sagas too, of course, and who knows, maybe one of them will sweep us off our feet. Another novel I am looking forward to is the sequel to Throne of the Crescent Moon. I thought the first one was fast-paced and entertaining, and the whole vibe of it made me want to read more. Unlike some other debut novels of the last few years, whose sequels (many slated for release in 2015) I am not too curious about.

Now, with all this goodness coming out, topped by a new Star Wars film, 2015 looks like a solid year for entertainment. I'm sure there will be some interesting movies as well, not that I have checked. While all this sounds fine to me, I admit I am quite worried about the year as well, when it comes to politics, religion, environment and all that. Oh the humanity.

All this being said, it all comes down to The Winds of Winter in the end. If there was one fantasy
product to be released in 2015 and I had to choose, that's what I'd choose.

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to read more about Martin's world while waiting to read more about his world, check out this collection of the year's articles at Tower of the Hand, including a few by yours truly (which are a far cry from the quality of some other essays there, but hey, different flavors and all that). Tower of the Hand also recently published an article I wrote, 'Tis the Best Season, though I can barely remember having written it (wrote it a good while ago, most likely still somewhat enchanted by season four of Game of Thrones - that article might have looked quite different if I had written it today). I like reading other people's thoughts on both the books and the TV series. We are all experiencing this extraordinary tale together in a sense, and as a collective we can share our fascination, our amazement, and of course also our disappointments and frustrations - and that, I suppose, might be one of the reasons I began to write about Martin's work too. Looking at the number of unauthorized books about A Song of Ice and Fire you could almost think it was a genre of its own. Such is the power of Martin's work. But he needs to get a new book out, before the well runs too dry.

With that I wish you a happy new year - and may it truly be happy for as many people as possible, and may it actually see The Winds of Winter. My goal with this blog is to finish re-reading A Storm of Swords in January, so that I can get ready for the big one (Feast/Dance combined re-read): 2015 might not see winds of winter blowing around my ears, but maybe re-reading books four and five will give me some new perspectives on the material; maybe I'll develop a better understanding of it, and hopefully I'll like these two novels a little better by the end of the year. I'm not counting on it - I flipped through Dance the other day and wherever I stopped to read a few lines I cringed. Yeah I know. Context. We'll see. We'll see. 

A secondary goal, as always, is to actually finish those books I'm reading. I'm hoping to report on at least six books in January/February, including a verdict on The World of Ice and Fire (not that the world needs it).

It will be hard not to talk a lot about Star Wars in the year to come (I think I've mentioned it at least once in every of my last twenty or so posts :-P) but I'll try to keep it somewhat away from the blog's main focus, which is the re-reading of Martin's novels, of course. With a dash of other geekery thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Looking foward to hear your thoughts on The World of Ice and Fire, Remy. Happy 2015!