Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So how goes the game in all of this?

A tantalizing, hype-inducing image of awesomeness and then some! Can't wait.
Right. The whole weekend and the start of this week my brain has been fully dedicated to the Star Wars saga. It's like a virus taking control over a computer! I have watched the teaser trailer countless times, and my feelings about it change all the time, from wonder and amazement and love to worry and skepticism and everything in between. I haven't read one word in any of the books I'm reading, because I have drifted toward Star Wars forums and websites. It overshadows everything else, simply put. That's apparently how important this is to me, even though some part of me tells me to get over it and "it's just a movie" (a sixth diminishing return in fact!) - but the magic of Star Wars is strong and overwhelming. No, not Jar Jar Binks. The originals, man. And, hopefully, these sequels.

Anyway, this also tends to overshadow my love for A Song of Ice and Fire which I technically find a more impressive cultural expression/story, but all I really need to do is go to George's website to get that magical feeling of Westeros to the fore of my brain. I mean, there's this insanely interesting post where George is displeased with a sports team (so he does know what it feels like to be let down by something/someone he is a fan of); he also has no words regarding another sports team; and in case you thought the man had learned anything about treating his fans there's even more Wild Cards to be advertised. Right. Well, say what you will about American football teams not performing well enough, I think George could perform a little better himself. If Martin can be entitled, so can I and any other reader disappointed with the man's lack of progress and the lack of communication with the people who carried him on their shoulders all the way to worldwide fame and embarrassing riches.

Before I get too pessimistic, Telltale Games are releasing a Game of Thrones (yes, based on the TV series) video game, simply titled Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series, Season One. This review at PC Gamer (UK) gives me a little hope that we will actually see our first worthwhile game based on Martin's intellectual property. Unfortunately you can't build your own character(s) or House, nor is it truly a CRPG the way I ravishingly love them, but a good point'n'click adventure could be a nice addition to the collection. I'm still hoping someone takes the rules system for Green Ronin's A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game and translates it to a more free-form CRPG (or even a strategy MMO where players create their Houses on small servers, interacting on several levels - as political leaders, inhabiting family members' avatars etc.) Too much to hope for? Of course. That's what A Song of Ice and Fire is partially made of.

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  1. Unfortunately (for me, at least), the Talltale game is more of an interactive graphical adventure with limited choices. They keep saying that your choices will affect the story being told, and for a given value of "affect" this is true, but what you are able to do seems very limited. Think of it as a graphical adventure and not an RPG/a computer game, and you may like it. :)