Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Announcing "A Feast with Dragons"

Right, since our good friend George R.R. isn't making any announcements of interest on his own blog (unless you count artists out of prehistory, half-decent video games, screening Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time, a German film-maker adapting three old short stories feat Milla Jovovich, Superbowl commentaries as always, etc. - though I admit a movie based on three Martin short stories featuring Milla, who I adored in The Fifth Element and Jeanne of Arc: The Messenger, is kind of interesting in the sense that we might have another train wreck on our hands - or something that might end up genuinely intriguing), I thought, well I can make an announcement here. 

Not really digging the title Feastdance, which seems to have become the de facto description of Martin's two latest Ice & Fire novels when put together in an approximation of one helluva fat fantasy book, I decided to call it A Feast with Dragons, though there's precious little dragonry in either novel (I pondered for a moment calling it Dragoncrows but that makes even less sense). 

Anyway, as I mentioned in All Hail the Epilogue! a couple of days ago, I am getting geared up for the most massive undertaking on this blog to date: To re-read A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, using a reading order of the chapters as suggested by Sean T. Collins of Boiled Leather which was later altered slightly to become the perhaps best suggested reading order out there on the Interwebs (yes, I know there are alternatives). Collins' reading order was suggested to me by Stefan Sasse after we had this discussion about the qualities of A Dance with Dragons. As you may know, I was never particularly enamored with the two last books, and now I hope to somehow find the experience better by combining the two volumes. Also, as I've only read Feast twice (or thrice, I am not sure) and Dance only one and a half time, there is so much that I have forgotten. And after reading countless theories and analyses of stuff Martin wrote in these books, and knowing what to expect in regards to the slower pace of the text, I might just find myself warming up to the story following A Storm of Swords. Who knows? Additionally, when I finish...sometime...Martin may be closing in on finishing his first draft of The Winds of Winter, increasing the chance that I actually remember the characters and plot threads as they finally - finally - continue (unless he once again has half a book happening simultaneously with the last half of the previous book - it's been known to happen).

In between I'll continue to give opinions on fantasy novels I've read, I'll probably mention Star Wars from time to time, and discuss Ice & Fire and Game of Thrones news as it comes, review the episodes of season five of course, and - fingers crossed - maybe, just maybe, blog The Winds of Winter as I read it for the very first time. 

So, here's the reading order as suggested. All leather must be boiled and all nipples must be tweaked. That's one-hundred-and-nineteen chapters...and I'll honestly be looking for the good stuff but I will also be honest about the why-fors and wither-tos as to what I feel doesn't work for whatever reason. I hope to have you along on this adventure.

Prologue (Varamyr): ADWD 1
Prologue (Pate): AFFC 1
The Prophet (Aeron I): AFFC 2
The Captain of Guards (Areo I): AFFC 3
Cersei I: AFFC 4
Tyrion I: ADWD 2
Daenerys I: ADWD 3
Brienne I: AFFC 5
Jon I: ADWD 4
Bran I: ADWD 5
Tyrion II: ADWD 6
The Merchant’s Man (Quentyn I): ADWD 7
Samwell I: AFFC 6
Jon II: ADWD 8
Arya I: AFFC 7
Cersei II: AFFC 8
Jaime I: AFFC 9
Brienne II: AFFC 10
Sansa I: AFFC 11
The Kraken’s Daughter (Asha I): AFFC 12
Tyrion III: ADWD 9
Davos I: ADWD 10
Jon III: ADWD 11
Daenerys II: ADWD 12
Reek I (Theon I): ADWD 13
Cersei III: AFFC 13
The Soiled Knight (Arys): AFFC 14
Bran II: ADWD 14
Tyrion IV: ADWD 15
Davos II: ADWD 16
Brienne III: AFFC 15
Samwell II: AFFC 16
Daenerys III: ADWD 17
Jon IV: ADWD 18
Jaime II: AFFC 17
Tyrion V: ADWD 19
Cersei IV: AFFC 18
Davos III: ADWD 20
The Iron Captain (Victarion I): AFFC 19
The Drowned Man (Aeron II): AFFC 20
Brienne IV: AFFC 21
The Queenmaker (Arianne I): AFFC 22
Arya II: AFFC 23
Alayne I (Sansa II): AFFC 24
Cersei V: AFFC 25
Reek II (Theon II): ADWD 21
Jon V: ADWD 22
Tyrion VI: ADWD 23
Daenerys IV: ADWD 24
The Lost Lord (Jon Connington I): ADWD 25
The Windblown (Quentyn II): ADWD 26
The Wayward Bride (Asha II): ADWD 27
Brienne V: AFFC 26
Samwell III: AFFC 27
Jaime III: AFFC 28
Tyrion VII: ADWD 28
Jon VI: ADWD 29
Davos IV: ADWD 30
Cersei VI: AFFC 29
The Reaver (Victarion II): AFFC 30
Daenerys V: ADWD 31
Melisandre I: ADWD 32
Jaime IV: AFFC 31
Brienne VI: AFFC 32
Reek III (Theon III): ADWD 33
Tyrion VIII: ADWD 34
Cersei VII: AFFC 33
Jaime V: AFFC 34
Cat of the Canals (Arya III): AFFC 35
Samwell IV: AFFC 36
Cersei VIII: AFFC 37
Brienne VII: AFFC 38
Jaime VI: AFFC 39
Cersei IX: AFFC 40
The Princess in the Tower (Arianne II): AFFC 41
Bran III: ADWD 35
Jon VII: ADWD 36
Daenerys VI: ADWD 37
The Prince of Winterfell (Theon IV): ADWD 38
The Watcher (Areo II): ADWD 39
Tyrion IX: ADWD 41
The Turncloak (Theon V): ADWD 42
The King’s Prize (Asha III): ADWD 43
Daenerys VII: ADWD 44
Alayne II (Sansa III): AFFC 42
Jon IX: ADWD 45
Brienne VIII: AFFC 43
Cersei X: AFFC 44
Jaime VII: AFFC 45
Samwell V: AFFC 46
The Blind Girl (Arya IV): ADWD 46
A Ghost in Winterfell (Theon VI): ADWD 47
Tyrion X: ADWD 48
Jaime VIII: ADWD 49
Jon X: ADWD 50
Daenerys VIII: ADWD 51
Theon VII: ADWD 52
Daenerys IX: ADWD 53
Jon XI: ADWD 54
Cersei XI: ADWD 55
The Queensguard (Barristan I): ADWD 56
The Iron Suitor (Victarion III): ADWD 57
Tyrion XI: ADWD 58
Jon XII: ADWD 59
The Discarded Knight (Barristan II): ADWD 60
The Spurned Suitor (Quentyn III): ADWD 61
The Griffin Reborn (Jon Connington II): ADWD 62
The Sacrifice (Asha IV): ADWD 63
Victarion IV: ADWD 64
The Ugly Little Girl (Arya V): ADWD 65
Cersei XII: ADWD 66
Tyrion XII: ADWD 67
The Kingbreaker (Barristan III): ADWD 68
The Dragontamer (Quentyn IV): ADWD 69
The Queen’s Hand (Barristan IV): ADWD 71
Daenerys X: ADWD 72
Epilogue (Kevan): ADWD 73


  1. Thing is, is that back in 2011, Book Five came out in July, and was announced in March.

    The very latest that this can happen this year for Book Six is September in order for the book to come out 'this year'.

    Assume a 2016 release.

  2. So that's the reading order of the books combined! First time I see it. I wish you good luck on your endeavors Mr. Slynt. There is no way I'll try to do both books in the near future, but I will someday, probably a month or so before "Winds" is released.

    Yeah, FeastDance sounds kind of silly, there really is no way to make both names combined sound good. My personal one is "A Decade Long Procrastination", but I don't want to sound ungrateful for two amazing books. 3 shorts stories with Milla? Got to check that out.

  3. Jeffrey: I have a bet going (from last year or the year before that) on "TWoW" in 2017. I'll happily take 2016.

    Roger: Thanks again :)

  4. If indeed Book Six is 2017, then that means that an Ice and Fire book would have came out when the the HBO series began, and the one after that, when it ends.